Hair Salon Anxiety?

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The team at Samuel Chapman Salon have spoken to thousands of clients over the years, and the one thing that they hear over and over again is that they would rather visit the dentist than the hairdresser, as they are anxious about their visit.

They have heard many a disaster haircut story or the terrible colour that was inflicted upon said clients - either by themselves or by a stylist. So the Samuel Chapman team are making it their mission to help banish your salon anxiety and for you to love your hair as much as your stylist loves creating it for you.

We will sit and listen to what you have to say

You know your hair better than we do, as it's you that lives with it every day. We will listen to what you would like and advise you on what may be suitable. We won't cut four inches off instead of one unless it is something you have agreed to.

You don't know how to describe what you would like

It has been long said that 'a picture paints a thousand words' and it is no different when you are visiting a hair salon. If you struggle to explain what you would like don't be embarrassed about bringing in photos. We love seeing your pictures and encourage them as much as possible. Even if they are of the things you really don't want.

Being greeted by intimidating staff

We are here to make you look and feel great! Each client that walks in is treated like a guest in our home - from consultations to complete colour changes.

We love our jobs - come and see for yourself.

Confessions of a DIY fringe trim

Nobody is going to shout at you for having a go at doing your own fringe in between visits, but please know that we do offer complimentary fringe trims for our clients so we can make sure your fringe stays as straight as you want it to be.

"Are you going anywhere nice on your holidays?"

The most stereotypical question any hairdresser can ask; and okay, we may talk about your holiday if you'd like to. If you'd rather switch off and relax with one of our lovely drinks and some magazines we won't be offended.

The time you spend with us is all about you.

Feeling like you want a little tweak

Honesty is always appreciated. We want you to leave us with a spring in your step, and if you feel like it is not quite there, just let us know and we will do everything we can to make sure it is.

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