Hair Tips to Help Beat the Humidity

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What is the trick, who knows the answer? how do we manage our hair in unpredictable humidity and constant weather changes? We asked our woman in the know, Jo Gilder of Gilded Hair on how we can beat humidity.

Let us talk science…

Humidity is a quantity representing the amount of water vapour in the air. Human hair is extremely sensitive to humidity (so much so that some hygrometers use hair as the measuring mechanism). The higher the humidity, the higher the water content in the air, thus creating frizzy, flyaway, wavy, and uncontrollable hair.

The annoyance is endless!!

What can we do?

How we wash our hair is just as important, as what we use.

Firstly, hair washing… no! Scalp washing… yes!

Working your shampoo into your scalp is key - working it round and round, exfoliating the scalp and allowing dead skin cells to lift off allowing it to breathe.

Once a lather is created (sometimes this takes two washes to get this), then pull the shampoo down your hair working product through your hair.

Naturally, our scalps become sweaty and dirty. Scalps are an extension of our faces and need just as much care. Healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

So, what next?

Applying conditioner after shampoo is essential to help close the cuticles, adding smoothness, shine, and vitality to the hair. Once again application is key.

Working your conditioner through your hair from the mid-lengths to ends in a downward motion really does help the cuticles to lay flatter, maintaining moisture inside the hair.

Humidity represents the amount of water vapour in the air, and a huge part of why our hair reacts to humidity is down to the fact our hair needs more moisture.

So, what next?


If your hair tends to react to humidity, one of my biggest tips is ensuring that your hair is thoroughly dried. If your hair is at all cold in any way then your hair is still damp inside (even if it looks dry on the outside, it may not be inside).

The biggest question ever asked in salons by clients is… why doesn’t my blow-dry last as long as yours does? Truth be told… this is the reason why!! Also, part of the reason our hair absorbs more moisture, adding to frizz, fluff, and crazy hair days.

Chatting with your stylist about your skin, scalp and how your hair feels will only benefit you and give your stylist a better understanding of your hair, enabling your stylist to prescribe the correct steps to help you gain control of your hair no matter what the issue.

Quick fire tips to help with humidity
  • Do not over wash your hair: Excessive washing can strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture, which can cause dryness and frizz. Try and wash your hair every few days, using a dry shampoo between washes to help soak up the oil.
  • Keratin Treatment: Investing in a keratin treatment at the salon is a fantastic way to combat frizz! These professional treatments can leave your hair incredibly smooth and silky. There are many different brands that offer keratin treatments, such as Kerastraight and Keratin Complex, so it is best to enquire at your local salon to see if they offer this type of treatment.
  • Use the right products: Anti-frizz products will help your hair to withstand humidity, retaining your sleek and smooth texture. Try Kevin Murphy’s Ever.Smooth, Session Spray and Hydrate-Me.Masque.  
  • Protect it: If you do use heated styling tools, make sure you always use a heat protection spray. Not only do these help to make the hair look sleek and smooth as you straighten, but they also seal up the cuticle keeping moisture where it belongs!
  • Wear it up: Tying up your hair is a foolproof way to deal with the humidity. The frizz will be less noticeable and your bothersome flyaways will be kept in check. Why not opt for a braid or bun on those days when the temperature soars?

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