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Hair Types and Sub-Categories

There are four main types of hair, which can then be broken down further into sub-categories, giving us a total of 12 types of hair!

So, what are they?

Simply speaking, hair is either Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, or Type 4, with each type having its own unique characteristics and subcategories:

Type 1: Straight Hair
  • Think straight hair with no curls, kinks, or waves in sight!
  • It tends to be oiler due to the sebum from the scalp moving more freely down the length of the hair.
  • It is easier to manage and style.

Subcategories for Type 1 are:

  • 1A: Pin straight hair that can be wispy, shiny, and struggles to hold curls or waves.
  • 1B: More body than 1A, but still straight and shiny.
  • 1C: Hair has body with a slight bend with less wisp and shine.
Type 2: Wavy Hair
  • Wavy hair that has a slight S-shaped curl pattern.
  • Waves can be loose, beachy, or more defined.
  • Requires some effort to maintain its health, shape, and texture.

Subcategories for Type 2 are:

  • 2A: A barely-there S-wave with fine strands. Can sometimes be more oily than other wave types.
  • 2B: More tousled, defined waves with a medium-thick hair structure. Can be frizzier by nature.
  • 2C:  Coarse, thick waves with a very defined S-shape wave that resembles a loose curl. Can be more difficult to style.
Type 3: Curly Hair
  • Curly with a very defined curl pattern that ranges from loose to bouncy, to springing and tight. 
  • Tends to be drier as the curls make it harder for the scalp sebum to travel down the lengths of the hair.
  • Requires more moisture and haircare to keep its condition healthy. 

Subcategories for Type 3 are:

  • 3A: Difficult to style and straighten with frizz and a coarse texture.
  • 3B: Dense and coarse texture with a tight S-shape curl or corkscrew curls that appear voluminous. 
  • 3C: Distinct corkscrew curls that are prone to dryness and damage.
Type 4: Coily Hair
  • Coily hair that has a tight zig-zag curl pattern.
  • Curls can be tightly coiled to kinky.
  • Very dry, fragile hair that requires a lot of moisture and care to prevent damage and maintain its shape and condition.
  • Prone to tangling and shrinkage.

Subcategories for Type 4 are:

  • 4A: Wiry S-shaped coils with minimum shrinkage. Dense, springy coils that can comfortably surround a knitting needle.
  • 4B: Z-shaped coils that bends into various angles. Less definition than Type 4A with up to 70% shrinkage.
  • 4C: Tight, undefined coils with a sharp zigzag pattern and the highest shrinkage from wet to dry.