How Often Should We Really Wash Our Hair?

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How often should we really wash our hair? This is the question the Reed Hair team asked themselves recently. With so many myths flying around, here they get to the point.

These days we certainly wash our hair more than we did a generation ago. Latest haircare figures show the UK sales figure for shampoo, conditioner and styling products up by 5%.

According to the Reed Hair team their opinion differs according to your hair type and lifestyle. For example, salon owner Jane washes her hair everyday because it gets greasy, whereas stylist Faye washes twice a week, as the dirtier her hair gets the more versatile it is.

What is extremely important isn’t how many times we wash our hair, but the correct products we use for our hair type. If your hair looks limp on the second day, chances are you’re using a product that is too rich and weighing it down. That starts a viscous cycle of needing to wash your hair everyday rather than changing your products. The same goes if your hair needs nourishment or smoothing.

That said it also doesn’t harm your hair to wash it every day… if it’s dirty wash it! We wash our bodies every day so why should hair be any different? So what about not washing your hair at all… doesn’t it clean itself after a while?

Your hair can certainly be pushed back a couple of days by using dry shampoo. Think festivals, camping and no showers. But longer than that, we wouldn’t recommend it. Trust us, we’ve seen, smelt and washed dirty hair.

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