How to Create Easy Modern Texture with Nelson Brown

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Tired of choosing between straight or curly hair for a night out? Thinking about trying something different?

Then look no further, as Lockerbie hair stylist and finalist of the British Hairdressing Awards, Nelson Brown, and his talented team of stylists at browns have created striking and surprisingly easy looks that are sure to get you noticed!

1. Start with dry and unwashed hair. Spray hair with holding spray (gel spray) and blow-dry in. This will initially feel hard, but keep drying it in to leave a dry texture.

2. Apply webbing to the hair; a gentle texture, not backcombing, to leave each section web-like.

3. Seal each section with a straightening iron to lock the texture in.

4. Once texture is achieved throughout the whole head, stitch the hair with elasticised thread and a blunt needle to make a giant ponytail, securing the hair away from the face

This article was featured in the Carlisle Guide, which can be read here!

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