How to Maintain your Autumn Hair Colour

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With the changing season comes an array of gorgeous autumnal hair colours, from bright vibrant copper to deep reds. These colours can require a lot of upkeep, so to help you out we caught up with the team at Saffron Hair to get their expert opinion on maintaining your autumn hair colour.

As the nights draw in and cosy layers become normal, summer is becoming a distant memory. And while it can be a bit sad bagging up our summer dresses and flip flops for their annual hibernation, there’s still plenty to look forward to. Who doesn’t have a soft spot for pumpkin spice, cosy jumpers, and dare we say it, the festive season!

AND the best bit about the colder weather? AUTUMN HAIR COLOURS!

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll have seen all the stunning autumnal tones our clients have been requesting. But like all luxurious things in life, stunning tones need some looking after, so here are our tips for maintaining your autumn hair colour in between salon visits!

Turn down the water temperature when shampooing

We know, on a cold morning there’s few things better than a steamy shower, but the heat isn’t great for your hair colour. Hot water causes hair cuticles to open, which allows your nice new colour to wash out while shampooing and conditioning. Instead, we’d recommend shampooing with a slightly warm water and then rinsing with cold water after conditioning - not ideal in the colder months but your hair will thank you for it. How does this help? Well, the warm water will allow the shampoo and conditioner to penetrate and cleanse, while the colder water will help seal in the moisture and prevent hair colour from fading.

Wash hair less often

If the idea of cold showers doesn’t appeal that much, you’ll be happy to hear that washing your hair every day is something you want to avoid if wanting your hair colour to last as long as it can. Not only are you washing away the natural oils that moisturise and keep your hair colour looking glossy, but you also wash out your hair dye bit by bit. Try washing your hair every other day or even 2-3 times a week to keep your colour looking vibrant.

Use natural shampoo

Did you know that lots of shampoos can actually strip away your hair colour? This is because lots have ingredients like sulphates, and harsh chemicals like these can strip away too much moisture, leaving your hair feeling dry and unhealthy. Instead, try a natural shampoo and conditioner; our flagship luxurious shampoo and conditioner is completely free from sulphates, SLS, SLES, parabens, and artificial fragrances. We only use 100% naturally derived ingredients, such as generous amounts of lavender oil, geranium oil, and aloe vera juice. While it might sound like a recipe for a new age smoothie, it actually helps to keep your hair and your hair colour in the best possible condition.

Use heat protectant spray before using hot tools

Heat will strip away hair colour and hydration, which leads to damaged hair. To help prevent this hair healthy while using your straighteners and tongs, try using a heat protectant spray before blow-drying or styling. Heat protectant sprays will help reduce moisture loss and smooth the outside of the hair. Our Shake And Protect Heat Protection Spray also contains proteins that give an immediate conditioning boost in order to prevent breakage and dehydration. If you’re after a smooth, flawless finish, it’s definitely one to add to your haircare routine.

Remember to do a hair mask!

This is very important, especially for lighter colours. A hair mask nourishes and strengthens hair, which when subjected to lightening processes can be more dry and brittle than virgin hair. A hair mask like our intensive damage repair treatment can help bring your hair back to life, and they’re so easy to use! Just apply generously once a week to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and leave for 20/30 minutes.

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