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Managing Salons with Fiona at Hair Signature Dubai

Having reached the finals of Professional Beauty GCC Manager of the Year, Fiona would like to share the main aspects of the role that makes a good salon manager in 2024…

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving hair and beauty industry, I believe a good manager plays a crucial role in the success of a salon or spa. It takes more than just technical expertise to excel in this position. I believe a great manager in the hair and beauty industry possesses a unique skill set that goes beyond the surface. Here's some key attributes that I believe a good manager should have:

Emotional Intelligence

First and foremost, emotional intelligence and understanding people are essential qualities for a manager in the hair and beauty industry. Being able to empathize with your team and clients alike foster a positive and harmonious environment. A good manager understands the importance of building relationships with both employees and customers, ensuring their needs are met and creating a loyal workforce as well as client base.


Flexibility is another key attribute of a successful manager. The hair and beauty industry is dynamic, with constant changes in trends, techniques, and client preferences. A manager must adapt quickly to these changes and be open to new ideas and suggestions. This flexibility allows the salon to stay relevant and competitive in a constantly evolving market.

Work Hard

Furthermore, a good manager in this industry recognizes the importance of being the hardest worker in the room, especially when leading a team of strong, talented women. When leading by example, a manager sets the tone for the entire team, motivating them to strive for excellence and go above and beyond for their clients. This work ethic creates a culture of dedication and professionalism within the salon.

Understanding and Knowledge

Organization and deep understanding of the business and financial side of managing a salon are critical qualities for a good manager. From inventory management to financial planning, a successful manager ensures that the business runs smoothly and efficiently. By having a solid grasp of the financial aspects, a manager can make informed decisions that contribute to the growth and profitability of the salon.


In today's digital world, upskilling in social media and marketing is vital for a manager in the hair and beauty industry. The ability to leverage social media platforms and online marketing strategies can significantly impact the salon and attract new customers. A good manager understands the value of staying updated with the latest trends to improve the business effectively.


Education and consistency are key factors in fostering growth, both individually and as a team. As a manager you must encourage continuous learning and development among your staff, providing opportunities for training and upskilling. By investing in your team's knowledge and skills, as a manager you ensure that the salon remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

Motivation and Commitment

Lastly, a great manager in the hair and beauty industry is always motivating and committed to the main goal. To grow the salon business and the people within it. They inspire their team to strive for excellence, creating a positive and uplifting work environment. Managing in the moment, being ready to adapt to changes that may arise. Setting clear objectives and consistently aligning their actions with the salon vision. A good manager keeps the team focused and motivated to achieve success. I believe a successful manager is a well-rounded individual. Prioritizing the key aspects of the business and instilling consistency within the salon to achieve excellence in all areas including salon growth and the individuals within the salon.'

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