Maskne: What is it and what is causing it?

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We asked Hayley from Lift Beauty Clinic in Ipswich if she could give us the lowdown on Maskne and how to treat it. Check out her amazing advice below...

In a nutshell, Maskne is irritation and acne caused by wearing a mask (as opposed to regular acne which is caused by hormonal changes), and as this is the new normal, many of us our suffering with it.

Constant rubbing from the mask along with the build up of sweat and bacteria on the skin can cause this new skin problem. Your skin can display signs of redness, irritation and breakouts on the chin, nose and cheeks.

So, what can you do?

Choose a mask that is breathable, 100% cotton (or washable silk if you're feeling extravagant). As the temperature behind the mask rises you will sweat more, becoming a vicious cycle. Have a few of these masks so you will always have a clean one at hand. Treat it like underwear; wash it frequently!

Most of your face is covered up so go foundation free or abandon it all together! Instead invest in good quality skincare that will rehydrate and soothe the skin. If you don't already double cleanse, start now. Try Cera Ve SA skin smoothing cleanser along with warm water and a face muslin to wash away unwanted bacteria on the skin. Decleor's new Rosemary Black Clay cleanser is great for any imperfections too.

Remember less is more, do not overdo your skincare. The temptation when we see an outbreak is to throw everything at it to make it disappear, this can just aggravate the skin. Introduce one product at a time to ensure it suits your skin.

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