Matthew Curtis LFW A/W17 Report

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Zeynep Kartal

Session Stylist: Jason Collier at Matthew Curtis

A nocturnal wonderland, a mysterious setting of a dark romantic garden. This season reflects a night time mood with a dynamic infusion between classic and modern; a new type of luxury with eveningwear materials giving daytime a touch of opulence.



Calabasas glamour meets paired down chic.

  1. Blow-dry hair in section for a smooth, sleek finish
  2. Centre part hair with the end of a tail comb
  3. Apply cool hair against flats of head for a mirror shine finish
  4. Run straightening tongs through hair lengths
  5. Tuck front sections of hair behind ears and finish with plenty of shine spray


Milo Maria

Session Stylist: Matthew Cutis

Opening with a traditional theme derived from a study of Victorian costume, the research for the collection took Milo Maria on a creative journey, resulting in a completely opposing concept: fetish wear.

This new direction adds a hint of femme fatal to her third collection. Milo Maria has created garments with high necked ruffled collars, oversized long cuffs and asymmetrical hems which are seen alongside patent leather jackets and skirts, offsetting the delicate knits with a conflicting sultry edge.


Wayward wisps creating a fuzzy halo of don’t care hair at the front; preppy fishtail plait at the back, with sections pulled width-ways for a fatter, less severe texture.

  1. Loosely tong hair from the roots, leaving ends straight (as these will poke out the bun)
  2. Pull hair back into a low height ponytail and secure with elastic
  3. Fishtail plait the length of the ponytail then secure with a grip at the end
  4. Pull plaited sections out width-ways for a fatter, less severe texture
  5. Tease strands around the head for a halo of dishevelled strands

Photography: Zeynep Kartal - Gareth Harborne and Simon Armstrong / Milo Maria - Jake Bishop and Simon Armstrong

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