Mindful Doodling

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When we were kids, doodling in class was a big no no! Remember doodling in the margins of an exercise book or etching names into the lid of your tin pencil case!

New evidence now suggests that doodling whilst you listen can actually help with concentration and remembering details, it's also attributed to help you think deeper( psychology today 2020). It is also reported that doodling and colouring can also help us be mindful and 'in the moment'. The goal of mindful colouring is to fully engage in the activity, almost in a meditative state. You need to sit and relax and only concentrate on the task in hand. This allows you to be fully present in the moment, focusing your mind, slowing your breath and calming the body thus relieving stress and tension.

Doodling and colouring can alleviate boredom and negative thoughts and allows you to get simply lost in what you are doing. You do not need to be Picasso to engage in a task like this, it isn't about creating a masterpiece but to simply enjoy the process as a whole and create a sense of self awareness. It's a great exercise to complete as a team to encourage positive mental health habits. Don't use an eraser, enjoy the mistakes - be proud of the marks that you make. This is also a great task to complete with children, especially those who might be under restrictions or lockdown and the bad weather outside. It's also beneficial to play some music in the background to encourage creativity.

We have provided you with some 'salon' themed doodle sheets to download and enjoy. Please tag us in your finished pieces or upload on our facebook page if you would like to share, we would love to see how you approach this. We hope you find this task helpful and for those of you in lockdown - hang on in there!

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