Over the Counter Vs Cosmeceutical Products

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Cosmetic products, which are easily purchased over the counter from department stores, supermarkets and high street shops, are made only to penetrate the superficial layers of the skin. Treating the top layer of your skin means you are only actually moisturising dead skin cells.

Normally when applying these products your skin will feel nice and hydrated, but the effects wear off, and once you wash your skin it goes back to being tight and uncomfortable. The molecular sizes of the ingredients are far too large to penetrate any deeper in the skin, meaning they give no long term benefits.

Pharmaceutical products, which can only be prescribed by your doctor, treat unwanted medical problems such as acne. These prescribed products treat the problem but not the overall health of your skin. Often these products can cause your skin to become very dry, red and sometimes sore.

Cosmeceutical products are what bring the two product types together, gaining optimal results with a luxurious feel. Cosmeceutical products should only be available to buy in clinic and use advised by a highly trained aesthetician. These products used correctly can reach the lower levels of the dermis (skin) and control the way the skin works.

The active ingredients in cosmeceutical products are encapsulated by liposomes, which are small in molecular size meaning they are easily absorbed into the skin, carrying them down to the working layer of your skin treating your active cells. This means you are treating the problem of the skin from within and maintaining the surface at the same time with no downtime or discomfort.

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