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Tis the season! That’s right, festival season is upon us once more and the only thing the Pall Mall Barbers like more than cutting hair is listening to great music. We at Pall Mall Barbers have been known to go to quite a few gigs and festivals in our time, and so this is our guide to looking great during a festival.

It is important for a Pall Mall Gentleman to look great in all scenarios (you never know who could be checking you out). So read on guys and let us know what look you are going to be going for and at what festival, and let us know where you would like our amazing pop-up barber shop to visit next.

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Refresh and Cleanse
Rub a small amount of talc in a circular motion on the hair, gathering the product up into a small ball. This is also a great way of getting oil based products out of the hair. Start with a small amount though, the last thing you want to do is look like a festival going ghost.

Always Wear Protection (on your beard)
Gentlemen with beards are prone to getting lucky at festivals, so make sure that you are protected with Pall Mall Barbers Beard Oil. It stops the beard from going flyaway from any moisture in the air and leaves it smelling fantastic. Our Beard Oil is in a handy ‘fit in your pocket’ tube, leaving more space in your bag for other essentials.

Use Soft, Non-Setting Products
Use a lighter product that does not leave a residue, such as Pall Mall Barbers Pliable Clay or Light Dressing Cream.

Why? Well for one it is an amazing product that has been formulated by the boffins at Pall Mall Barbers towers. But the main reason is that you can shake out a light product and style again in the morning, this gives you a massive advantage in looking fresher than the other guys there.

Wet Wipes and Moisturiser
A quick once over with non-scented wet wipes will keep you fresh as a daisy, but lads it is so important to moisturise if you’re out in the elements all day. Try using our Post-Shave Balm, it is a double duty moisturiser and skin protector, so not only will your skin be moisturised it will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Smell Good & Get the Girls
Different fragrances have different lasting factors. A good way of remembering this is:

  • Aftershave – Fades the soonest
  • Eau de Toilet – Fades after a few hours
  • Eau de Parfum – Lasts the longest

The Pall Mall Barbers team recommend our Sandalwood and Clove fragrance. It lasts for a nice amount of time and is not overbearing. Most of all the female Pall Mall Barbers find the smell attractive (needless to say the male side of PMB are now all applying it).

Freshen Up
Our last bit of advice would be to visit the barbershop as close to your festival visit as possible. A good barber will give you a shave closer than what you will get at home with minimum irritation. Therefore your shave will last longer keeping you looking sharp throughout the entire festival. In regards to your haircut there are no mirrors or hairdryers in a field, so ensure that you have a style that is easy to style and wear. It may be time for a restyle sir.

Daniel Davies General Manager of Pall Mall Barbers

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