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Worried about potential hair loss? According to Trisha Buller MIT SRSH – the founder of Ciente Hair & Health Spa – it’s time to take a closer look at your lifestyle and diet…

It is becoming common practice to see more patients present themselves to me at my clinic with what they feel is hair shedding. They feel their ponytails are getting thinner, they’re noticing more hair in the brush, plug and on the pillow. This triggers an anxiety, which can exacerbate the condition.

Our hair needs protein to grow healthy and strong. This starts from within, so we always look at the holistic approach to an individual when they experience some hair loss and scalp issues. Although we have a great choice of fantastic cosmetically pleasing hair shampoos and conditioners, this will only help cosmetically, which is an important part of maintaining healthy hair.

The hair structure is a complex chain of amino acids made from protein; hence protein is essential in our everyday nutritional intake. The blood feeds our hair carrying oxygen, nutrients, vitamins and minerals to our essential organs, and the hair receives what is left after its strenuous journey. So, if you’re missing out on meals this could have a detrimental effect, long term, on our hair growth cycle.

Our bodies can only draw on a reserve if there is one, like a car needs water, oil, and fuel; our bodies need vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The most effective way of up taking all these important minerals and vitamins and nutrients is from our food.

Supplements can assist in the healthy hair growth cycle, especially if our diets are compromised from yo yo diets, ill health and missing out on meals. I have been using and recommending to my patients/clients Viviscal professional for several years now and have seen some fantastic results. However, remember if there are hormonal or medical underlying issues then it’s a different treatment plan and professional advice must be sought from a qualified trichologist, dermatologist, or other professional body.

Exercise is an important part of our daily lives to help maintain strong muscles, a toned physique, healthy heart, lungs, and other organs. This also releases endorphins from the brain, which give us the feel-good factor and is key for keeping a focus and stabilising our mental health. Exercise combined with diet are an integral part of maintaining a heathy lifestyle; however too much exercise and too little of the right food groups can cause long term issues, including joint and muscular problems, along with possible deficiency compromising healthy hair growth.

Personal trainers like many other professionals can seem expensive, and many of you might feel this is not in your budget. However, the long-term benefit can be worth its weight in gold. Look for a PT that has a good knowledge of not just exercise, but nutrition too. This will give you an all-round healthy balance.

I see many individuals come to me, expressing their concern of hair loss, and believing they have a healthy lifestyle and diet, to only find out through our consultation journey that their exercise regime is burning more than your nutritional intake of important vitamins. Johan Florez is very professional and passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition – check him out on @jaymfit and he will keep you, and your hair, in good shape.

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