Schwarzkopf Professional x London Fashion Week SS18

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Taking to London Fashion week again this season, Schwarzkopf Professional have been the choice of product backstage for the Charlotte Knowles Fashion East Presentation, Minki and David Koma.

Charlotte Knowles for Fashion East - Synthetic Sunset

For Spring/Summer 2018 and the inaugural women’s wear Fashion East Presentations, Charlotte Knowles presents her first collection since graduating from the Central Saint Martin’s MA earlier this year, making her London Fashion Week debut. Fashion east is a non-profit initiative set up by Lulu Kennedy and the Old Truman brewery in 2000 to support emerging British talent.

Aptly titled ‘Synthetic Sunset’, Knowles’ SS18 collection explores the idea of glamorous holiday destinations, the insincerity of their sensationalised manifestations across social media and the often underlying bleakly mundane realities.

Inspired by the women around her, both in reality and online, Knowles’ girl is paradoxically at once dazed from too much sun and immersed in the ennui of not being able to travel; dozily dreaming of beach breaks at Miami resorts.

Leading the stylists for Charlotte’s presentation, that also included Schwarzkopf Professional Young Artistic member Abbey Jarold, and Sarah Coxon and Keely Passmore from Schwarzkopf Professional salon Janet Maitland Hair Excellence, was Louis Ghewy using Schwarzkopf Professional;

Charlotte's collection was titled ‘Synthetic Sunset’ so we were taking inspiration from girls in Miami that have been in the sun for too long with big hair. We needed a lot of root lift so key products were the Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Volumizing Mousse and the Powder Cloud root lift to get some grit and the OSIS+ Session Label Sea Salt spray in the ends to achieve a matte dry effect.

Get the Look
  1. Apply the Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Volumizing Mousse, blow-drying the hair with the model's head upside down to get the maximum lift.
  2. Use a venting brush to get the ‘80's’ lift, along with the Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Powder Cloud in the roots.
  3. Finish off with Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Sea Salt Spray and the OSIS+ Refresh dry shampoo to create wispy ends. Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Session Label Hairspray was sprayed close to the roots to get a wet and crispy effect.



Minki has woken up inside a dream. What has the reality of her world become? She embraces the bold shapes that approach her, while internalising their true meanings - which are only found through a process of filtering and contemplation. Two states of being collide within Minki, who still walks the tightrope between masculinity and delicacy, quirkiness and refinement.

The world Minki lives in is always high and low tide at once; a site where humble work wear shapes meet 70’s glamour extravaganza, ruche organza and PVC. It is a sphere where Roberto Capucci and Verner Panton rub shoulders while floaty georgette dresses live alongside outdoor nylon jackets and big denim jeans; where gigantic pattern pieces are shrunk to fit around the body and drawstrings accentuate shape. If that is the reality of Minki’s dream, who on earth would wish to rise and shine from it?

The lead stylist for the Minki show was Soichi Inagaki using Schwarzkopf Professional;

The hair for the Minki show was about creating a very unbalanced and unsymmetrical look. The hair needed to hold a lot of texture but the hairstyling was to have an unusual look and feel.

Get the Look
  1. Using a small tong, give the hair a curly texture.
  2. Tie into a high ponytail from ear to ear, using the back section.
  3. Take a random section of hair and give a back comb and scrunch with bouncy curls, do the twist or roll to make a shape.
  4. Pin the hair in sections and continue doing this until you reach a point you’re happy with.


David Koma

Magnifying the contrasts that characterise his aesthetic, David Koma explores elements of Haute Couture and sportswear for spring/summer 2018. Sportswear classics take on the glamour of the evening wardrobe, and the cascading ruffles of cocktail dresses and sculptural tailoring assume the dynamic and faintly futuristic codes of athletic wear.

Key to the lifestyle of the David Koma girl, who embodies a strength and willpower associated with athletes, the visual properties of sportswear set the overall tone for the collection, but they are realised in techniques and fabrication associated with expert craft.

Taking on the hair for the David Koma show is lead stylist Alex Szabo using Schwarzkopf Professional;

We created beautiful, relaxed ponytails. The hair needed to look light, airy and shiny.

Get the Look
  1. Spray hair with water and prep with OSIS+ Session Label Volumizing Mousse and OSIS+ Miracle 15 on the ends using very small amounts.
  2. Create a rough middle parting using your fingers, not a comb.
  3. Dry the hair with a diffuser on the lowest speed and a medium heat to encourage natural texture in a loose irregular wave.
  4. Reapply small amount of the OSIS+ Session Label Miracle 15 on dried hair to add a bit of definition through the texture.
  5. Using the fingers, smooth out the surface and slowly direct the hair towards the back of the head.
  6. Tie into a ponytail with a black elastic wrapped tight 4-5 times, hiding the knot under the ponytail and cutting the excess elastic.
  7. Loosen a few subtle strands so the ponytail looks more relaxed, a few light fly-away’s are welcome.

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