Sharon Wauchob SS19

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Expensive, chic and effortless was the style for Sharon Wauchob’s Spring/Summer fashion week show.

The models’ natural hair texture was enhanced to look as if it was styled the day before and then slept on.

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Hair by session stylist Mari Ohashi at LGA Management for Fudge Professional

Men step-by-step:
  1. Prep the hair to ensure it’s not too fluffy or volumising; take it section by section and apply a small amount of new Fudge Mineral Paste on the roots to give control and shape.
  2. Then, take a small amount of Fudge Blowdry Putty or Curve Recovery (depending on the hair type), and work the product through the middle to the ends of the hair. Twist the hair pieces to create movement in the hair.
  3. Finish with Fudge Vinyl Pomade on some of the tips of the hair to enhance movement.
Women step-by-step:
  1. Section by section mist down the hair with Fudge Tri-blo and rough dry to give some control, blow-dry with a round brush if it’s too frizzy.
  2. Create movement with a large tong where needed.
  3. Spritz new Fudge Salt Spray to bring back a natural texture feel to the hair.
  4. Put the hair in a low ponytail; make sure to leave some wispy hair. Take half of the hair, put through in between the ponytail and make a small knot to make it feel as if the ponytail dropped.
Products used:
  • Fudge Professional Mineral Paste (RRP £12.95)
  • Fudge Professional Blowdry Putty (RRP £11.45)
  • Fudge Professional Curve Recovery (RRP £14.95)
  • Fudge Professional Tri-Blo (RRP £12.45)
  • Fudge Professional Salt Spray (RRP £12.95)

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