Simon Miller AW15 Collection

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Simon Miller offered up a minimal utilitarian lineup that embodied three monochromatic colorways: indigo, olive and grey.

Highlights included an olive parka over a gray wool looped terry collared jacket paired with slim-fit jeans, and a wool indigo workwear jacket over a washed denim shirt and indigo wool trouser.

Hair: by Unite Hair, Created by Johnnie Sapong

Inspiration: "For the Simon Miller FW15 show, we wanted to create a ‘savage’ look that was based on a matte texture and finish rather than big volume. We wanted the hair to look natural, as though it had been dragged through a bush; but textured so that the body actually came from the static flyaways."  Johnnie Sapong for UNITE

  1. Prep hair using UNITE Beach Day, spritzing generously from mid-lengths to ends.
  2. Blast hair with a UNITE Ionic Pro-Dryer and diffuser attachment until completely dry.
  3. Spritz hair again with UNITE Beach Day to layer product for maximum matte texturized effect.
  4. Next spray UNITE 7Seconds Refresher on the roots to absorb any excess oil on the hair.
  5. If your hair is oilier, sprinkle and massage UNITE Expanda Dust through the roots to absort extra oils and give the hair a natural grip.
  6. Next, rub UNITE Conundrum Paste between hands and then rub the ends of hair between fingers to aggravate and create separation.
  7. Take large sections, and use the UNITE Flat Iron to flatten mid lengths without smoothing out the texture to create a fabric feeling.
  8. Finish the look with a blast of UNITE Texturiza.

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