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The change of season to autumn/winter brings extreme weather and central heating, which can play havoc on our hair. Frizzy hair is often caused by a change in humidity levels, which causes the strands to expand and reshape – very annoying!

If you often find yourself battling against the winter elements and frizz then fret no more, as the team from Mooch, Brighton are here to help you achieve sleek, well-groomed tresses.

Timing and technique

Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural moisturising oils, which keep it healthy and hydrated. Washing your hair just two to three times a week is ideal – any more is overkill. When washing your hair, keep the shampoo concentrated to your scalp and massage in. This cleans your scalp but leaves the mid-lengths and ends in better condition. As you rinse the shampoo from your scalp, it will run down the rest of your hair taking away any impurities with it. Conditioners should always be left to the mid-lengths and ends – not the scalp. Use a good hydrating conditioner and one that aids in the fight against frizz, such as the new Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Wash and Rinse.

Leave it in

After washing, use a leave-in treatment designed to help smooth and soften unruly hair such as Kevin Murphy Smooth Again leave-in treatment. This treatment helps to rehydrate the hair while providing heat protection. Using this kind of treatment on a regular basis will help the hair to become shinier, healthier and more manageable.


It does sound like we are contradicting ourselves by telling you to add more heat by blow-drying rather than leaving it to dry naturally, but blow-drying will help to prevent frizz. Air-drying your hair, especially with the heating on, will allow it to soak up the humidity causing it to expand, while blow-drying the hair will help to close and smooth the cuticle. Before blow-drying make sure you use a heat protection spray such as Kevin Murphy Untangled.

Oil up

Hair oils are lightweight and won’t weigh down the hair. They are perfect to use for frizz as they can penetrate further into the hair follicle to smooth and hydrate.

Sleep on it

It can often be beneficial to tie your hair back or place it into a loose plait whilst sleeping. This will help to prevent friction and static and therefore prevent frizz. Switching your cotton pillowcases for silk ones will also help.

See the experts

If all else fails head to Mooch - or your local salon - and book in for a specialist in-salon treatment and blow-dry to help eradicate frizz. The team at Mooch will also advise you on your haircare routine and can provide you with the right products for your hair type.

The full Kevin Murphy range is stocked at Mooch.

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