Spring Street Style Collection from INDOLA

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Discover INDOLA’s Street Style Summer Collection with two brand new Looks and this Season’s Must-Have Blockbuster Technique…

This summer blonde services are showing no signs of slowing down, in fact they are more in demand than ever before! Bespoke hand-painted balayage looks and transitioning dark-to-light ombré services are still at the top of the client wish list. With this in mind, INDOLA continues to meet the needs of hairdressers and their clients, expanding the Blonde Expert collection to include six brand new shades. Multi-faceted pigments are combined with the latest built-in Hair Bond Technology to offer stunning new colour opportunities.

This season's must-have blockbuster technique is #colourmelting! Inspired by ombré, #colourmelting melts colours together either in harmony or in contrast to create a seamless transition between shades! This trending technique has been used in both the INDOLA Street Style collection summer looks.

Look 1 - Kooky Crafts

Kooky Crafts, inspired by the fun and inspiring trend in fashion, is all about crafting a blonde look with natural reflections and delicate progression; blending the colour creates a harmonised result with a flawless finish. The Kooky Crafts look was achieved using the #colourmelting technique to take three different shades from the new Blonde Expert collection and create a seamless transition of shimmering blonde that resonates with summer.

The Colour Service

Blockbuster technique: #colourmelting with shades from INDOLA Blonde Expert:

  • Roots: 100.0 + 100.2 + INDOLA Cream Developer 12%
  • Mid-Lengths: 100.28 + INDOLA Cream Developer 12%
  • Ends: 100.0 + INDOLA Cream Developer 9%
The Cut & Style

Short waves, flicks and curls create an artisanal vibe; this cut is all about those little details where vintage looks are revisited with a modern twist.

The Care & Styling Kit

Kooky Crafts uses a combination of three essential products to bring sophistication, quality and shine to the finish:

  1. Blond Addict Shampoo: cleanses and creates bonds for all types of blonde or highlighted hair. Now also available in travel size!
  2. Blond Addict Treatment: regenerates the hair structure, creates bonds to reduce breakage and restores shine. Now also available in travel size!
  3. Strong Mousse: designed to create big volume with strong hold. The UV-filter also helps to protect against UV-rays


Look 2 - Cut That Out

Cut That Out is far from conventional, which is not only reflected in the bold fashion but also in the fabulous hair look. A simple technique twist sees rich brunette and warm coppers contrast against each other to create bold and intentional impact.

Cut That Out takes #colourmelting to the next level as the colour service is reversed; a seamless transition creates lighter roots that melt into darker ends, for a seasonal and bespoke result.

The Colour Service

Blockbuster technique: #colourmelting with shades from the INDOLA Permanent Caring Colour assortment:

  • Roots: PCC 8.34 + INDOLA Cream Developer 6%
  • Mid-Lengths: PCC 7.44 + INDOLA Cream Developer 6%
  • Ends: PCC 5.4 + PCC 4.80 + INDOLA Cream Developer 6%
The Cut & Style

With a strong baseline, hair is kept heavy and long to create free-flowing movement with an effortless feel.

The Care & Styling Kit

Cut That Out uses three must-have products to create a feeling of refined luxury with a sophisticated, tailored finish:

  1. Color Shampoo: infused with Silk Cocoon Proteins, this shampoo locks-in colour as it cleanses to prevent fading for up to 90% colour retention (even after 30 washes!)
  2. Repair Treatment: formulated with Marula Oil, this treatment repairs and nourishes damaged hair
  3. Volume & Blow-Dry Spray: delivers volume and faster blow-drying as it smoothes, detangles and provides a light hold (all whilst helping to protect against blow-dry damage)
INDOLA Street Style Summer Collection

Hair: Andy Smith @andysmith_stylist & Paddy McDougall @paddymcdougall
Make-up: Phoebe Taylor @phoebetaylormakeup
Fashion:  Christopher Maul @styleofmaul
Photography: Jesper Brandt @fotografjesperbrandt

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