Spring/Summer 2017 Cloud Story

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A galaxy of placé outfits takes to space and invades the sky with an ethereal mood that makes the Byblos Milan 2017 spring/summer collection an authentic flight of style.

Nick Irwin for Unite headed up the backstage hairstyling for the show creating unique looks based around a worn blow-dry.

The look for Byblos SS17 was a younger sporty vibe. Clothes were inspired by late 70’s and early 80’s ski wear, so colour blocking with an element of pop art.”

We decided to go with a look that was very effortless, modern and youthful at the same time. With Byblos being a classic Italian fashion brand we wanted to pay respect to the client history, so with this in mind we imagined the girl would have had a classic blow-dry and then two days later she would have been to the gym and clipped bits of her hair back, so the finished look was post-workout. Elements of the hair were meant to look beautiful and slightly sweaty. It was about keeping individuality to the look and not cloning the girls, but at the same time keeping a nuance which stayed in tune with the collections. There had to be lightness to the hair so when the girls walked the hair moved, the key way to make this work was not over use products. Nick Irwin for Unite.

Get the look:

Step 1: First of all, to damp down the hair apply Unite Elevate mousse to the roots and mid-lengths of the hair, leaving out random strands around the hairline.

Step 2: The hair was then blown out using a large round brush to create root lift and a slight bend in the hair.

Step 3: Taking random sections spray the hair with GO365 hairspray on the light setting, the hair was then slightly waved with a curl stick.

Step 4: Using the fingers hair was dressed out randomly without over working.

Step 5: The hair through the sides and top was pinned in an irregular fashion, so half-up and half-down.

Step 6: Each girl had their own individual style created by styling in their natural hairline, and 7Seconds Glossing Spray was applied to finish the look and make the hair look a little bit sweaty in places.

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