Summer Colour Trends

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With summer in full swing and the festival season underway, one way to vamp up your style for the warmer months is via a new hair colour.

Pastel hair and bold peaches and pinks have been given a new edge in the form of light rainbow colours, peach blondes and delicate cherry blossom. See below for a run down on these three colour trends for summer 2019.

Light Rainbow

Unicorn and rainbow hair is everywhere at the moment, but what to do if you love the look but it’s just a little too in your face? Well let us introduce you to ‘Light Rainbow’ – a stunning colour creation by Jana Groebe at Smukke salon in Germany.

Light Rainbow combines pastel highlights and unicorn hair by using balayage to hand-paint subtle shades of pink and teal (or whatever takes your fancy) onto blonde hair. The effect is a multi-layered subtle rainbow.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news to all you brunettes, but this is a look that works best on blondes – although be prepared for the upkeep!

Image: SMUKKE/Instagram

Peach Blonde

Forget beach blonde, it’s time for an upgrade to the more vibrant peach blonde! Colourist, Gerilyn Ghaisarzadeh of Capricci Ricci Salon in Orlando, Florida has created the ultimate peach colour using coral and rose undertones.

This summer instead of opting for your usual golden blonde try peach instead, especially if you have olive skin. Although most skin tones can get away with peach coloured hair, we would recommend that those with a lot of pink in their skin steer clear. And for those with fair skin, we recommend framing the face with darker contrasting tones.

Image: gerilynghaisarzadeh/Instagram

Cherry Blossom

This colour is big news in South Korea right now, and we all know how the beauty world tends to follow suit on their trends. This colour is all about soft petal pinks that create a more muted tone - the perfect ‘cool vibe’ for summer 2019.

Image: Eunji Kim/Instagram

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