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Teresa Weller Discusses this Autumn’s Rainbow Hued Colour Trends

Teresa Weller HairArt

We’re seeing a huge return to depth and dimension this season, giving you the opportunity to create heavenly hues as soft or as bold as you dare.

Toners are perfect for the colour-shy, but for those looking to go all out, Teresa Weller, owner of Teresa Weller Hair Art, gives her top rainbow hued trends for the season ahead…

Hot Headed

Debuted by Kendall Jenner for Prada’s A/W22 showcase, red is set to sizzle this season. Forget peachy tints and barely-there apricot washes, however, Autumn/Winter’s take is a punchy, strong, deliberate shade, with a high-gloss, metallic finish that instantly lifts hair to a high-octane hue.

At Teresa Weller Hair Art we love how traditional pastel colours can be ignited when given the high-shine treatment and although red is notoriously hard to maintain, it packs a serious punch. To create this look we utilised a mix of balayage and foliage techniques, weaving in a few yellow strands for some extra ‘extra’. Tape-in extensions were pre-coloured in varying shades of red and copper to help turn up the heat even more. The perfect accompaniment to the new season ahead.

Azure Thing

Sported by hair colour chameleons Billie Eilish, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, azure locks always make a huge style statement. True blues are a fabulous (although time consuming) colour to create, but it’s not a technique for the faint hearted. This look took three of our colour crew all day to create, so it pays to be upfront with your clients about the commitment in both time and money.

To create this blue hue our team wove a full head of highlights on pre-lightened, Level 9 locks, before weaving one Aqua Blue, one Purple Metallic and one Deep Blue Metallic into the hair for a fabulous peacock-feathered-effect that we predict will be big blue news this forthcoming season.

Top tip: blue applied onto a yellow base will achieve a green, so ensure you’re working on as clean a base as possible; the lighter the hue the cleaner it will need to be. True blues will of course experience fade into a more green hue, so encourage clients to use a purple shampoo to keep the green at bay.

Back to the Fuchsia

Pink is always a favourite, from baby to bubble gum, the possibilities are endless. Neon always makes a style statement, while block colour and highlighter-pen shades can be created with strips of extensions, which are a great way to add extreme colour, without compromising the integrity of the hair (these are also perfect for nervous colour clients, too).

For a more dynamic take on the punky pink colour trend, as pictured, why not try a full head of foils, with the root in a pink, fuchsia tone (a mix of purple with two lighter pink tones), rewoven with metallic highlights. When it comes to maintenance, encourage clients to limit the use of electrical appliances and recommend colour protection shampoos and conditioners to keep locks brighter for longer. If your clients are looking for the pink hue without the colour commitment, toners can help bring a more neutral base colour to life.

Ice and a Slice

Icy white shades have taken over from grey as the standout shade this winter. There are so many variations on this trend (we particularly love a platinum, reminiscent of Madonna circa 1986), but pearlescent shades with super-reflective shine are set to be big this winter. Sported by Gigi Hadid at Ralph Lauren’s A/W22 show, we adored the long, platinum blonde, centre-parted locks that rocked the runway.

At Teresa Weller Hair Art we’re a huge fan of iridescent shades (as pictured), as they give a grown up, sheer effect to the hair. The beauty of this colour (created with a full-head scalp bleach before using gloss for an iridescent pastel finish) is that it’s so light and sheer, eventually fading to blonde, ensuring there’s no annoying in-between stage that requires touch-ups. If a client wants to dip their toe into the icy-white pearlescent trend, a shimmering blend of silvery grey and cool-toned blonde creates a gorgeous gem-like shimmer. The perfect accompaniment to the new season ahead.