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The Barber by Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop Dubai

Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop

What makes a good barber? We caught up with the team at Goodfellas Vintage Barbershop to share what they believe are the most important criteria that needs to be met…

“The best skin fades, haircuts and shaves for the real gentleman can be found at our barbershop in Dubai Marina where we have been located since 2016. We pride ourselves on providing the best hair and grooming services for men including a haircut, facial, manicure, hot towel Turkish shave, black mask, skin fades, beard trims, eyebrow threading, waxing, hair colouring, Keratin Brazilian treatment, perms, and anything else you can imagine in a traditional old school barber venue. Our barbers are there for you daily from 9am to 11pm delivering the best service just for you!”

What makes a good barber?

Hair and grooming knowledge

A good barber will have years of experience and training in the latest trends and products to deliver the best advice to each client. Over time many thousands of heads have sat in the chair with different hair textures and scalp issues as well as facial hair needs and request for new designs.


As we grow globally, we need to be able to understand each other not only by language difference but also to grasp what is the client desire and need to provide a consultation to determine exactly what the preferences are and what is not liked at all.

Active listening

Having clear communication by voice is one criteria, but active listening has to be a major part of the consultation as well. The client can suggest many ideas and it is the job of the barber to hear just what the want is and then agree if this is possible with the hair type and condition. Never say yes if you cannot deliver because this upsets clients so much that they will not return.

Interpersonal skills

Good barbers service up to ten clients a day and more sometimes, so being able to relate to all characters and personalities is a plus point! Clients expect friendly, helpful, understanding barbers who will make a difference to their day!


Some barbers are more creative than others and this is a bonus if the client is aware that they will have a finish that gets noticed, so make sure your client is a statement maker before you begin!

Time management

Male salons are usually operated as a walk-in appointment service, but post-covid has increased the number of online booking options to be the preferred choice as it allows the barber adequate time to deliver the best cut and shave without feeling rushed by waiting clients.

Customer service

Each client will spend a minimum of 30 minutes in the chair, and he will judge his experience not only from the haircut but how he feels after spending time with his barber. The experience has to deliver the best customer service throughout the appointment with the aim of keeping clothes hair free and making sure the client is relaxed with a refreshment or massage.

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