The Mousse Renaissance

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The idea of hair mousse may have previously conjured up images of a bad 80's hairstyle and a dodgy perm, but if you're not already aware... mousse has made its comeback!

Award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford says,

As a hairdresser the right mousse is an absolute game changer! It gives the hair body, volume, hold and texture, creating the perfect base for any style whether it's a sleek blow-dry or a beach wave.

People have been wary of mousse as they think back to the old formulations that made hair sticky and crunchy and therefore avoid it, but technology in haircare has come a long way, which is how we have been able to create two knockout mousses that leave the hair soft to touch but with the guts you're after.

Put the fullness back into your hair with this coconut scented lightweight and luxurious Coco Loco Coconut Mousse (£5.99, from Boots). Award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford says,

This is the perfect 'everyday' mousse. Apply half a handful throughout towel dried hair, concentrating on the roots and blow-dry massaging the crown with your fingers for extra lift, body and texture.

For ultimate volume use the Ddouble Blow Volumising Mousse (£5.99, from Boots). This will give your hair a tower of oomph and body to die for! This non-sticky, non-crispy formula is designed to work when you blow-dry and leaves the hair with naturally healthy looking body and bounce.

To get DDouble the volume, award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford says,

Apply half a handful evenly onto wet hair, not forgetting the roots, and then blow-dry as you would normally. Then for the Ddouble Blow effect apply another half a handful on to the roots of your dry hair and blow-dry again.

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