The ‘tache is having a mo!

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Facial hair is becoming popular again with men growing lockdown beards – many for the first time – as they work from home, and super-styling gives way to a more relaxed grooming regime.

Now, the ‘tache is having its moment, seen on celebrities, catwalks and TV shows. And there is a whole variety to choose from – porn star to silver screen, Edwardian dandy and 70's retro.

Growing a beard will be many mens first foray into facial hair, but the moustache is the natural progression. Not everyone likes a face of bushy, coarse hair, but a moustache is the easier way to have facial hair. There are various shapes to choose from and wearers can have fun with what they wear. The great thing about the moustache is it suits everyone, doesn’t take long to grow, and can really change someone’s face shape and overall demeanour. Movember brought moustaches back into vogue but now they are a key trend for this autumn/winter. - Joe Mills, owner of Joe & Co in Soho, London

Joe looks at the three key moustache shapes for AW20
  1. 70s-style: Harry Styles is a fan of this style of moustache, originally made famous by Tom Selleck. It takes on an anti-fashion stance and is perfect for those who can grow facial hair easily.
  2. The Beardtache: As sported by Henry Cavill, this moustache/beard hybrid is a little bit more relaxed, with stubble contrasting with a fuller moustache. Ideal for those who want to be a bit bolder.
  3. The Pencil Goatee: The thin moustache with goatee combo is a grooming classic, as sported by the likes of Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx. / /
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