Tips and Tricks for Ladies with Thin Hair

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Here at Crowning Glory at Simone Thomas Salon we see hundreds of ladies every month suffering from hair thinning issues.

This article is all about hints and tips to help all you ladies suffering from thin hair. It’s for the ladies who have tried every single thickening spray on the market. For the women who treat the detangling process like open-heart surgery, desperate to preserve every possible strand.

If you have battled static, flat, flyaway hair your whole life, then it hasn’t been fun. However, in our years of experience, we have also gained some pretty good know how about the best ways to combat thin, flat, lifeless hair. And today, we are going to share them with you!

1. Avoid tangles like the plague
  • When your ponytail’s diameter measures a half an inch, losing any strands to rough brushing is something you want to avoid. The problem is, thin hair is more susceptible to static and wind, which are both major contributors to tangles. Also, teasing combs and hairspray, staples in a thin-haired girl’s styling kit, can also cause serious tangling.
  • Of course, loading up on conditioner seems like an obvious fix. However, the heaviest, most tangle-busting formulas come with the unfortunate side effect of weighing down your hair, cancelling out any natural bounce your locks may have. It’s a total catch-22.
  • Brush your hair before you shower.
  • Dry hair is stronger than wet hair, so detangling before you shower will preserve more strands.
  • Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner.
  • Condition your hair, but don’t go overboard.
  • Only apply conditioner to the bottom 2/3rds of your hair, and be sure to rinse thoroughly.
  • Spot-treat tough tangles with a quality leave-in conditioner.
  • There’s no need to weigh down your entire mane if there’s only a couple of trouble spots.
  • Never brush wet hair!! It’s age-old advice for a good reason. If you have to detangle wet hair, a wide-tooth comb is much gentler than a brush, and you’ll have much less breakage.
  • Sleep with your hair in a loose braid or ponytail.
  • Invest in a satin pillowcase.
  • While cotton can rough up your hair as you toss and turn, satin reduces friction, meaning less breakage, fewer tangles AND better hair in the morning.
2. Make your haircut work for you

Our best advice is to talk to your hairdresser about your morning routine and your level of blow-drying know how. Together, you can come up with a great cut that will work with your hair.

3. Have some great styling tricks up your sleeve
  • This is probably the most important arrow in a thin-haired girl’s quiver. There are hundreds of products out there that promise to solve your flat-hair problems.
  • Make friends with dry shampoo. Thin hair tends to get oily fast — there’s just not enough of it to sop up the amount that your head produces. However, constant washing and blow-drying will cause breakage. To counter this, dry shampoo is an absolute lifesaver. Not only does it keep your hair looking clean and smelling fresh, but the powder gives your roots a ton of body, especially if you tease them a bit as well.
  • Boost your roots! A fast and easy way to do this is by blow-drying your hair upside down. Be sure to comb your hair really well first, to avoid tangling.
  • Another good way to add some volume is to spray in some product and go at your roots with a round brush and hairdryer.
  • Think About Texture. Start spritzing your hair with beachy salt spray before blow-drying it - it can give your hair twice as much volume, and curling it right then or the next day is easier than ever. Of course, this might only work if you have straight hair. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, it could turn it into a crazy, frizzy mess.
  • Invest in some quality hair extensions. They are not only great for adding length; they can also add volume and mass. Here at Simone Thomas we offer a wide range of glue free hair extensions and also clip-in hair extensions – if you prefer the versatility of being able to wear them occasionally! We also offer Volumizer Systems for ladies who no amount of spritzing and blow-drying will help – book in for a free hair loss consultation on 01202 760003.

As a final thought, remember to embrace your hair for what it is. While you might get frustrated that you’ll never have the full, waterfall-like mane like the models on TV (who are almost all wearing extensions by the way), know that there are hundreds of girls out there who are insanely jealous that your hair only takes five minutes to blow-dry.

You’re unique and beautiful in your own way, and now you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve to enhance what you already have!

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