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Top Tips for Getting Creative this Autumn


Autumn is a great time to get creative with colour – duller days means colourful hair brings brightness to every day!

Whether it’s a full head of bold colour, highlights of bright tones or something more head turning, working with creative colours doesn’t have to be daunting. So, if you’re dipping your toes into the creative colour palette for the first time, Pulp Riot Artist Heffy Wheeler offers these tips for creating amazing vibrant colours…

  1. Get educated! It’s so much easier to dive into the world of fashion colours if you understand the product you are using; small things like saturation and processing time can totally change the outcome! Companies such as Pulp Riot provide free 1-to-1 education to help you get clued up so take advantage of this to expand your knowledge.
  2. Get the base right, the one thing I wish I knew when I was starting out! The hair needs to be light enough for the colours to sit on, too dark and too much gold will not give you the look you want. For pastels aim for a base 10, which should look like the inside of a banana. If not, don’t fear as there are colours that will still sit over a base 6 and above, but underlay tones need to be considered when deciding what to use.
  3. Follow a rainbow sequence. I love a good colour clash, and there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion colour, but when I was starting out, I found it helpful to refer to the rainbow sequence, it will instantly tell you what colours look complementary together!
  4. After care, this is a big one! If your client is not looking after their hair at home, then they can expect the colour to only last a few washes. It’s vital to use a shampoo that is gentle and sulphate free. Cool water rinses are an absolute must, I cannot stress how important aftercare is when it comes to fashion shades.
  5. Have fun, remember you are the artist. Once you have learnt the rules break them! And make sure you document everything on your Instagram account.

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*No animal derived ingredients are used in any Pulp Riot product.