Trisha Buller of Ciente Gives Her Predictions for 2013 Summer Hair

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Hats Off for Healthy Hair

Now that the snow has finally finished falling we can start looking forward to summer. I have a forecast for you: you can forget all about gloves, and maybe even hats, this year I’m daring to forecast that summer hair is going to take centre stage. Hair is going to be big, long, luscious and healthy. Whether its cascading curls or long poker straight locks, big hair is right on-trend.

No matter what magazines you read or if you are at the beach or Royal Ascot - great hair will be what’s getting noticed. Don’t get me wrong, I like hats for the right occasion but that’s my point. A hat however nice is an occasional accessory, and through its lack of everyday use, a bit of an extravagance. Buy a hat for Ladies Day and sure you’ll fit in with the traditions, but invest your money in your hair and you will stand out from the crowd - with a return on the investment that pays off every single day. If you are going to a big event or a special occasion this summer and you want to make sure your hair looks great both with a hat and without, Cienté can help with lots of tips, tricks and techniques.

So what’s bang on trend for the summer of 2013? Well, bangs, actually. Whether thick and heavy or chopped in for that peek-a-boo look, extra-long fringes are where it’s at. Conditioning is also important, longer hair needs to look healthy, glossy and well cared for. This summer’s colour sees rich chocolates and smooth honeys for that deep, sumptuous look.

So, if you have short hair, long hair, you like to wear hats, or you don’t, you’re a fashionista or a traditionalist, Cienté will create you a look that is perfect for your image and your personality.

Trisha Buller (MIT SRSH) is the Salon Director at Cienté. For more information or to speak to one of the Cienté team about treatments and products call 01442 877273.

Ciente: 169 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3HB.

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