Venexiana: Autumn / Winter 15

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Offering exquisite fabrics, focused tailoring and witty embellishments, Venexiana is the go-to fashion house for rock-n-roll haute couture. Launched in 2003 by designer Kati Stern, the collection is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and other leading retailers around the world.

Born and educated in Europe, Kati Stern is not only an acclaimed fashion designer; she is also a professional architect, a classically trained pianist and a passionate flamenco dancer.

Session Stylist: Matthew Curtis

Collection Inspiration: Cubist avant-garde art and European fabrics. The gowns are extravagantly detailed, contrasting with a neutral colour palette.

Hair Inspiration: A periodical style with a modern twist. Backcombing and lots of dry shampoo created a mythical effect. The look had a bridal couture feel to it to complement the exquisite gowns in the collection.

Kit Bag Essential: Dry Shampoo, extra firm hold hairspray and Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler.


1. Begin with clean dry hair and use Hot Tools Insta-Curl EZ Styler to create tight barrel curls. Starting at the nape of the neck and finishing at the front hairline, curl away from the face, removing the natural parting.

2. Spray extra firm hold hairspray all over to maintain curls.

3. Section a horse shoe shape of hair at the top of the head from temple to temple.

4. Backcomb the top section to create height. As you reach the very top of the hair, backcomb lightly to create a soft movement running through it.

5. Pull the top section and sides at the top of the ears into a pony just above the crown and secure with elastic, leaving an inch from the head.

6. Using the hair above the elastic, split and invert the pony just enough to create a barrel effect. Secure with bobby pins.

7. Repeat this step in sections in the hair underneath to create symmetry running down the back of the head.

8. Spray hair generously with dry shampoo to give a strong textured, antique finish.

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