Why a Career in Beauty

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As part of National Apprenticeships Week, we are giving you several reasons as to why a career in the beauty industry can be exciting and rewarding.

We’ve covered the hair aspect of it, which you can see here, but this time we focus on the beautiful side of things and delve in to the world of beauty.

Choices, choices

As long as there are proms, weddings, special occasions and selfies, there will always be work available. The amount of job opportunities within the beauty industry is growing and can often be abundant in choice, from therapists and nail technicians to make-up artists and dermatologists.

You will often train in all aspects of beauty therapy to begin with, and then from there you may find the one side of it that you absolutely love, leading you to a specialist career path.

Which route do you want to take?

Variety is the spice of life

Every day is different. One moment you will be creating an incredible bridal look, and later you can be perfecting eyebrows or ridding someone of their annoying hair growth. You can never tell what kind of work you will be doing on any given day, but that makes for an exciting and varied career.

Love to chat?

You will get to meet and work with a huge array of fascinating people. In-salon you will work with your clientele that will help to keep your career fresh and challenging. You can also work freelance and travel with your job, meeting many people on the move and in many different industries. And not only will be meeting these people, you will be helping them to look and feel fabulous too – very rewarding!

Location, location, location

Much like hairdressing, beauty can also take you far afield. There are many great opportunities for travel within the beauty industry, such as working on cruise ships or in exotic spas abroad. You may even find yourself as a freelance make-up artist or nail technician working in the film, TV and editorial industries.

Be flexible

Once trained you have the fabulous opportunity to either work in-salon or freelance, picking and choosing your hours to suit you and your lifestyle.

Training and education

Training will be a big part of your career and it is incredibly important that you keep on top of all the latest industry innovations. Most salons will continuously train their employees, and so you will always remain up-to-date with your skills. If you do choose to go freelance it is important to put yourself onto courses, as this industry moves fast! Training, education and events can also take you around the UK and abroad, as manufacturers often host seminars to keep therapists informed on what’s to come.

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