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Going from Blonde to Brunette

A couple of weeks back we gave you a lesson on going from black to blonde and how this is not an easy or quick process. So surely, going from blonde to brunette will be easier right? Well in some ways yes, but it’s still a process that can possibly take up to three or four salon appointments to get you to the right shade.

If you’re thinking that you can waltz into any salon and get them to dump a dark colour on your head and then you’re done, think again. Often, going from blonde to brunette involves more hair dye than you are aware of and more salon visits than you would think. And just like going from black to blonde, you may experience different tones of red on your transition to going dark. This will be down to the condition of your hair and the blonde colour you are starting from. Another big factor to take into consideration is if you have been bleaching your hair before wanting to be a brunette. With years of bleach and the damage that it can cause, your hair will be very porous, which means it will not hold colour for long. Due to this porosity, it won’t be long before your blonde locks start showing through again from underneath – meaning plenty of top-up colour services in-salon.

One of the big reasons people often go from blonde to brunette is due to them wanting a more low-maintenance colour and to lessen the damage that peroxide can cause. But by going brunette this won’t automatically make your hair healthier. Your stylist will recommend a hair care regime that you will need to carry out at home. It is important that you stick to this, as healthy hair is what creates an incredible colour. Dry, damaged hair is prone to fading, so to help combat this you will need to put the work in. Wash your hair less each week, and keep blow-drying and straightening to a minimum. Use a professional moisturising mask weekly, and use products that have brunette pigments in them too. These are great for helping to refresh your colour at home between salon appointments.

Blonde to brunette tips:

  1. Strengthen your hair before the big change to help limit damage – protein boosting treatments are great for this
  2. Go for a consultation first with your colourist and talk through with them what is achievable for you and the brunette shade you are hoping for. Having a plan of action is important, and it keeps you both on the same page when it comes to your expectations.
  3. Remember, going brunette won’t happen overnight, so be prepared for a few salon visits.
  4. If you’re not quite ready for an all over deep colour, then ask your colourist to incorporate some lighter tones throughout. These can help highlight your features and ease you into becoming a brunette.