COVID Aware Salon

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COVID Aware Salon

With the COVID-19 pandemic, salon owners have had to make huge changes to the way that they operate and run their businesses. These changes include the importance of health and safety for not only the salon team, but for you, their clients.

Heading to a salon can leave some clients feeling anxious and nervous, not knowing whether their salon is operating as it should under the current government guidance. To help keep your mind at rest, we have introduced a COVID Aware Certification for our Good Salon Guide member salons, where alongside their already achieved Good Salon Guide recognition, are putting hygiene and cleanliness at the forefront of everything, and are on top of the current health and safety guidance. A COVID Aware Certified salon has proven that they are taking serious measures to keep both their staff and you safe from COVID-19.

Some of the measures that a COVID Aware salon has in place are:

  • Completion of a full COVID-19 Risk Assessment
  • Full staff training relating to COVID-19 - Risk Assessment, use of PPE, sanitisation etc.
  • Regular management checks to ensure measures are in place and followed
  • Sanitisation of the salon, including hand sanitisation for staff, clients and visitors
  • Social distancing is in place and enforced
  • Track and Trace systems in place
  • And many more...

To find your nearest COVID Aware salon, click here.

If you are a Good Salon Guide member and you would like to apply for your COVID Aware status, please head to the section below. If you are not a Good Salon Guide salon and would like to find out more on joining, please click here.