10. Until Your Clients are Squawking or Walking

10. Until Your Clients are Squawking or Walking

I’m curious.

After you read my last article, did you look at your prices and raise them immediately?

If not, why not?

If you did, what happened?

My guess is that if you didn’t, you came up with a whole lot of excuses as to why not – not the right time of year, too hard, take too long with the multiple permutations of services Vs staff Vs prices, scared of what will happen to your clients, scared of what the staff would think. 

And that’s the crux for most of you when it comes to implementation of anything that’s going to change your business for the better (and putting up your pricing is the easiest and quickest way to make more money), you are afraid. 

You are letting fear hold you back.

But what is there to be afraid of?

Only your clients decide the price.

Not the industry, not the guy down the road, not your staff, not your friends and family.

And here’s the thing: you can and should keep raising your prices until the majority of your clients are squawking or walking out the door.

If you did raise your prices, you are probably going to have a few comments from a few clients over the next few days, and at worst you may even lose a few, but you will be surprised about how many will not say anything at all. 

Providing that your service is a good one, no shoddy work and no corner-cutting.

People are prepared to pay high for the best service, the best product and exclusive bespoke handling.

And what do people want more than a low price?

Here’s a few:

  • Quality and service
  • Reliability
  • Status and recognition
  • Peace of mind
  • Convenience
  • Speed
  • Done-for-you

If you are not giving the above and the client is complaining about the price, you haven’t given them enough value with your product or service. And that is something you should definitely change, before you even think about doing anything else.

However, if you continue to charge low prices you will automatically attract the low-life price-buying chavs and commoners who by nature will make your existence a miserable one. 

A high-price client tends to be one for whom the experience of your service is more important. And they tend to be a better class of client to deal with. And that’s a win win for you and your team.


Well let’s look at that next time when I will give you the last idea on pricing – Premium Pricing and Price Elasticity. 

Stay tuned.



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P.S. There is Madam, all clean and shiny, all the colour rinsed off, shampooed and conditioned and highlights looking pretty dam good. 

Was she grateful with all the running around and expense and personalised service?

Not a jot. 

Complained the whole time about how unprofessional it was not to have running water in the salon. 

Complained about the fact that we had used Evian on her hair??!!

Complained about everything. 

Actually she was just one big complaint. You know those people who have nothing nice or positive to say about anything?

One of those. 

So we sacked her…

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