14. The World’s Greatest Hypnotist

14. The World’s Greatest Hypnotist

We’re back with Premier Positioning today, and how you put yourself out there to attract the perfect clients for your salon.

Last time I talked about differentiating yourself from the ‘me too’ crowd by hanging all your marketing off your personality, the one thing unique to you, the one thing no one else can copy. 

This time I will give you something else that will give you a massive, and I’m talking gargantuan, leg-up out of the ‘me too’ pit every other salon owner is clambering around in. 

And that is: Expert Status. 

Or becoming The Expert in your field. 

Don’t think there are too many salon owners out there you couldn’t all possibly be The Expert, you can.  But there are a couple of things you are going to have to do to get there.

Firstly, if you don’t feel worthy, you are going to find it very hard to pass yourself off as an expert. 

You will need to work on your inner game, nothing ‘woo’ there I assure you.  

The underlying principle is you decide your own worth.

Then you need to take a stance and show you don’t need permission or approval for the rules you make for your own business. It’s your business, your positioning, nobody gets to decide how it works except for you.

Once you have that in place you assume expert status.  

By the way you don’t have to wait for the fairy waving a magic wand to become the expert in your field. And instead of having to climb a ladder to success or positioning, there are a few simple but effective ways to just leap to the top.

The world’s leading hypnotist, Paul McKenna, didn’t become the world’s leading hypnotist by election or public vote.  He told his colleagues at Capital Radio he was going to be the world’s leading hypnotist.  Then went out and assumed the mantle.  That’s how this works. 

Assume expert status.

Don’t be fooled though, you can assume expert status but you still need to know enough about your subject that you can speak for at least an hour on it. 

If not, go away and learn some more.

And other than just assuming the mantel, the fastest and most effective way to gain expert status is to write a book.

Hang on, hang on!

Yes you can.

It’s really not that hard.

I’ve done it – twice.  

My first book 101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser: Quick, Dirty and Uncensored Secrets to Perfect Hair From the World’s Most Outrageous Hairdresser was a study in creating an expert.

At the time I had made my then-business partner, Terry Wilson, the face of the salon.

He became the World’s Most Outrageous Hairdresser by default.

He didn’t earn the title from public vote, he just assumed it, and the book sealed the deal.

Funny how these things work, but if you are seen as an expert, your perceived worth increases. No one expects a world-class expert to be selling themselves cheaply.

And how is this going to grow your business?

Well you expect to pay a large amount of money for an expert.

Just saying.



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Keep that fact in mind, it will be important later. 

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