17. You Need a Big Bite

17. You Need a Big Bite

My daughter is learning how to sail and spends a couple of hours on the water each week.

As we live somewhere quite warm (understatement), keeping hydrated is a big priority, and we don’t go anywhere without drinking water. When she is out in her little yacht she needs to take in fluids and we’ve gone through many different options for water containers.

I don’t like buying little bottles of water for one-off use because of the plastic consumption so that’s a no.

She’s had reusable plastic water bottles but the water gets warm in them and she doesn’t like to drink it.

I’ve bought expensive insulated thermos bottles which she has managed to leave behind, or damage, or get stolen. And I am always concerned that anything going in the boat will end up in the bottom of the sea when she capsizes.

So doing the research, and with the backing of a recommendation from another mum, I bought her a Camelbak backpack.

Now this is a great invention as it’s basically a bladder that fits into a small, light backpack, and has a long hose coming out of the bladder which you pull over your shoulder.

At the end of the hose are a valve and a rubber ‘bite’. You put the rubber bite in your mouth and whenever you need water you bite down and water is released.

So far, so genius.

There is a slight flaw in the design though, in that if you get too aggressive with your bite, or just through general wear and tear over the passage of time, the rubbery bite can get holes, through which the water from the bladder leaks uncontrollably.
Like in the sailing bag, or in the car.

Camelbak are prepared for this though and sell the valves and the bites independently.

So, as my daughter had been getting a bit chompy with her bite, I was in the market for a new one.

I walked into a big sports store looking for such a thing, and doing what I do best to get things done more efficiently, I asked a sales assistant where I could find one.

He led me to the Camelbak stand (which I had walked past), picked a packet off the shelf, handed it to me and said, “This is what you need, a Big Bite”, led me to the cashier, I paid, and left.

This is transactional selling.

To put it more simply, a client walks into your salon, they browse, buy something they want, and then leave.

Transactional selling takes the buyer from the unknown to the known.

You don’t know or care what their problem is; you just have the product they may want.

Transactional selling has the following characteristics:

  • It’s a one-off hit, and relies on chance that the client will see the ‘thing’ on a sales page, or be in your salon and in the mode to purchase straight away
  • It’s a numbers game
  • There’s no follow up with the client
  • There’s no relationship with the client after the initial interaction
  • One-size fits all
  • No personality involved in the sale
  • As there’s no differentiation between the service and product based on the characteristics above, there’s no added value to the client so they will probably shop on price
  • The transaction is therefore driven by the client
  • There’s no plan or strategy to selling more to the client after the initial sale
  • The type of client you attract with this type of selling is not one you want in your business – price buying, whingers and moaners

Hmmm. Can you see why this is not the way you want to be selling in your salon?

Want to know a much easier, fun, effective way?

You guessed it, that’s the subject for the next article.  In the meantime reread this email and see if this is how you are doing business now.


P.S. So there’s Jaydyn, just about to step off the plane and thinking ‘no problem, I’ll just buy a tourist visa to get into the giant sandpit’. 

Except it was a problem. 

Because it cost money and remember he no longer had a wallet and he had cancelled his bankcards. 

But he was travelling with a mate so surely he could borrow some from him?  Well here’s the problem with being young and just being on holiday – you spend your money to have a good time. 

Actually – have a great time.  And a great time they had had. 

His mate was broke, and in fact he had also lost his wallet in a bar somewhere, it just gets better doesn’t it?

But this mate had just enough money on a card he had in his pocket to get his own visa. 

Just enough, no more…

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