18. You and Me, Baby

18. You and Me, Baby

Let’s go back to the store where I bought my big rubber bite (need a reminder?  Go read the last article and come back). 

How differently could the salesperson have acted when he had a captured prospect in his store?

Well for a start he could’ve asked me what the Camelbak was used for, and he would’ve got a pretty good answer about my daughter and sailing. Which is a start to mining the seam of gold my daughter’s activities opens up, i.e. my wallet.

Then he should’ve shown me some options and helped me make a decision based on the best product for my needs and desires.

Then he could’ve chatted about sailing, or children, to try and upsell me on any of those related topics (vast and bottomless from my experience).

Then he should’ve taken my details and started emailing me, or contacting me regularly, to build a relationship with a view to selling me more of the same: “It might be time to replace your Big Bite”; more of something related: “Are your sailing shoes becoming a bit tight with growing feet? We have the answer…”; or sell something different: “We know you like to play outdoors, check out this new bike built specifically for riding in the giant sandpit.”

What he should not have done was let me leave the building without at least trying to protect his asset, i.e. me, from being poached by the next store selling something similar.

Because that’s what transformational selling is all about.

Transformational Selling is establishing a relationship with a prospect, taking them from the known to the unknown: I know you have a problem but I also know you have more than just that problem, and I have solutions custom-made for you personally.

Find out where they are and then where you can take them with your bespoke service.

There are no guarantees you can solve their whole problem, but you will have a number of options for them that will get results.

There are many reasons why salon owners don’t take this approach with every prospect, but I will give you two:

  1. It takes time. Selling something once is dead simple, provided you have the means to get a constant stream of new clients through the door to sell to once. Realising the profit is in the lifetime value of the client means the relationship with the client is the most important thing, not the one-off sale. And all good relationships take time.
  2. It means work. If you are unfit and unhealthy you don’t take action until the pain of being unfit and unhealthy outweighs the pain of doing something about it, i.e. changing your diet and exercising. Most salon owners are like that – not necessarily unfit and unhealthy, but not feeling the pain enough to change. It will take the pain of doing marketing to be less than the pain of constantly losing money, or worrying about cash flow, or how to pay the wages, to actually get on and do the work.

I know we’ve only recently been introduced, but let’s talk about relationships next time.

You and me, baby.



P.S. Knowing that he didn’t have two sticks to rub together, let alone the cents he needed to buy a tourist visa at immigration, Jaydyn and his mate approached an official looking person at immigration and explained the situation. 

They figured out the mate could go home and borrow some cash from someone and bring it back for Jaydyn to buy his visa.

After some negotiations the official agrees, the mate goes through and Jaydyn settles in for a bit of a wait but grateful that it will get sorted. 

Until his mate is out of sight and four cops with semi-automatic machine guns surround him…

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