25. When Unscrupulous Douchebags Sell You ‘The Secret’

25. When Unscrupulous Douchebags Sell You ‘The Secret’

I mentioned something a while back in Article No. 22 “Doing it the QBofE Way”, about Strategy and Tactics, and it’s a distinction I think needs a bit more clarification. 

Because when it comes to marketing your salon, there is only one thing you need to remember: 

Marketing is getting the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time, in the Right Way. 

And that is all. 

This has been the same since Og the cavemen wanted to sell his stone club to Ug the caveman and sent him a sample (and a sales letter with attention-grabbing headline, blistering copy, and a strong and clear call to action) by mammoth post.

And it hasn't changed since.

Whether it is selling plastic surgery to recent divorcees via a sales letter, rampant rabbits to the same market via email, or black eyeliner to goths via an ad in Emo Magazine Monthly, the strategy is the same. 

You want your message to get to your target market in a way they will respond so they become your customer, and you grow your business so you can stop stressing about how you’re going to pay the bills, and have a better life. 


The tactics you use however can be numerous and varied. 

A particular tactic by itself will not grow your salon fast no matter which unscrupulous douchebag is trying to sell you the 'one thing' or 'the secret' that gets customers through your door. 

Beware the sales of unicorns and fairy-dust guaranteeing you unlimited customers through one source of media. 

In general it will most likely be a combination of tactics, and a repeating them that will give you the results. 

Tactics are the steps or processes you take to get your thing in as many of the faces of the right people who want your product or service as possible.    Advertising your thing with Facebook ads is a tactic (not to be confused with getting likes for your page).

Giving referral cards to your customers to share with their friends is a tactic.  Sending a sales letter with a gift inside (bulky mail) to non-returning customers inviting them back is a tactic.

Are you starting to get the picture? 


The thing about tactics is that they change with efficacy and technology and trend. 

Your strategy never changes but the tactics could become obsolete. Facebook's platform could close down (unlikely? That's probably what myspace thought), or the rules could change, like the many times Google has changed its rules for advertising, or the tactic could become less effective and need tweaking - customers may decide they prefer digital referral cards over printed ones.

And you will have to move with the changes or lag behind at your peril. 

You can't rely on one tactic to fill your salon.  

That is business suicide. 

But you also want to ensure the tactics you’re using are the right fit for your message, market and media. It's extremely helpful to use the 80/20 principle to do this, so that your are not wasting your time trying to get ‘engagement’ through Facebook likes, rather spending time tweaking adverts on Facebook that are driving highly qualified leads to your website.

OK, that’s all a bit heavy I know, but if you can grok onto the fact that you need to get your strategy in place before you mess about with the tactics, you will know what you have to do and why you are doing it that way (something your competitors will never understand as much as they try to emulate your success).

And if you are still with me, the next few articles I will talk about tactics.


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I had a spare room in my apartment where he could stay, for as long as he needed. 

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And he could cook for me…

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