5 Actions a Salon Owner Must Take to Stay Profitable and Competitive

5 Actions a Salon Owner Must Take to Stay Profitable and Competitive

Five actions you must take to stay profitable and competitive:

  1. Review and increase your prices NOW. Every salon owner has seen a drop in profits since April when National Minimum Wage rates changed with wages being the largest cost to a salon. If your wages are regularly the wrong side of 50% of your net sales, then you are in a vulnerable position!
  2. Increase stylists’ targets. A target must be based on prices, hours worked and time allowed for each service.
  3. Monitor salon Key Performance drivers: you must know how your sales are being generated - % of clients having colour, retail, treatments, rebooking etc.
  4. Ruthlessly manage your new client numbers. Every salon loses clients every month. You need 10% new clients to ‘stand-still’, 15% for modest growth and 20% for good growth.
  5. Engage regularly with your staff. An individual performance review meeting using a structured process increases motivation, engagement and retention.

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