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Why Does my Hair Frizz Every Time I leave the House?


If possible, I would love some advice on how to keep my hair looking smooth and sleek once I leave the house. I style my hair in the morning using my ghd’s, and my hair looks good. But, as soon as I leave the house and there is a slight bit of moisture in the air, my hair goes wild!! I have a fringe too, so you can imagine how bad it gets!

Do you have any advice please as to how I can combat this?

Thank you!!

Sam, Edinburgh

Hi Sam,

Unfortunately, we can never predict the ever-changeable weather, but to achieve that pristine finish and prevent that unwanted wild hair, here's some tips to implement into your styling routine…

The use of products prior to styling is vitally important in maintaining that unruly hair.

Firstly use a good moisturising shampoo and conditioner that will help provide protein, as this will smooth the cuticle and hair shaft. Osmo Deep Moisture Shampoo is both nourishing and perfect for hair that needs that moisture hit. Team it with the matching conditioner, and once a month indulge your hair with the Intensive Repair Deep Repair Mask.

Microfiber towels are great for eliminating frizz and static, so try to invest in one.

Prior to styling, apply Osmo Straightening Fluid, as this is a keratin infused fluid which will prevent frizz free hair along with the new Osmo X.posed Anti Humidity Spray - this is pure magic in a bottle and one of our biggest sellers at the moment. It gives the hair an invisible water-resistant shield and it only needs to be used every 3 to 4 washes.

Make sure you dry your hair totally to eradicate any moisture (always pointing the dryer down the hair shaft to keep the hair smooth), otherwise your hair will spring and frizz when you step into any humidity. Also make sure you allow your hair to fully cool down - using your cool shot on your dryer is great and allow cooling down after any hot styling tools are used. The hair will hold better once it's cooled fully.

Good luck and happy hair days,

Kelly, Technocracy Hair


Hey Sam, so you wouldn’t believe how many people ask a similar question, especially in the winter months.

It’s a little early for trust I know, but please trust me, when hair tends to frizz and expand it’s usually one of two things:

1. Lack of moisture. Honestly it may sound that simple, hair grows on average 0.5/1 inch a month depending on the person which means a lot of our hair is old, it lacks moisture and natural oils. Depending on the state of your natural hair too it honestly may just need some nourishment swap that conditioner for a mask on every use.

2. Wrong products or lack of. Yes, technically this could fit into the above category but it’s on its own. How many products do you use on your face when getting ready? Go on add them up. Now how many on your hair? See what I mean? Prepare your hair like you would prepare to build a house - you need foundations.

We highly recommend Kerastraight. GAME CHANGER ALERT! Start by trying the 30day boost - you will fall in love. By reducing drying time, smoothening (not chemically straightening), adding moisture and or protein, and eliminating frizz by 100%, Sam this will change your life and revive your hair! This works by inducing moisture straight into the cuticle (creating a barrier to atmospheric moisture) where hair lacks it, meaning your hair won’t be weighed down, it is also chemical free and animal cruelty free too. 

Regarding your hair irons, do you use a heat protector? I cannot stress enough if not WHY. Think of your irons essentially like a clothes iron. We mainly use these to iron out kinks right, same as hair but at 190/220’ this is also the same heat as cooking in your oven. Would you take a pizza out without a mitt or a towel? Irons are hot which means they also dehydrate, adding a heat protector such as Sebastian Trilliant or Nioxin Thermal Protect adds a veil of protective moisture which is pushed into the hair for a silky-smooth finish.

Amy, M-A Hairdressing