How can I achieve a rose gold blonde?

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I recently went to my hairstylist to get my hair coloured and/or highlighted. I brought a picture of this rose gold colour and asked her to get my hair as close to that colour as possible. 

My natural hair colour is a light to dirty blonde colour, but I have been highlighting my hair for years so I essentially have a dark platinum blonde colour year round. My hairstylist decided to put the same platinum blonde highlights and reddish lowlights in my hair in an attempt to match the rose gold colour depicted in the picture. The lowlights turned out extremely dark and I believe my hair looks very unnatural (very high contrast between the light and dark colours) and nothing like the colour I wanted (rose gold).

My question actually has several parts. First, is it possible for a dark platinum blonde individual to even achieve a rose gold hair colour (like in the picture) through highlights and lowlights, or does it require an all over dye job?

Secondly, would it be better for me to try and achieve this colour at home with a box dye? If not, how do I explain to my hairstylist how to get this colour? 

I understand that it is difficult sometimes for hairstylists to match a particular colour, cut, etc. exactly like a picture, but I would like to see if it is actually possible for me to have that exact hair colour.

I would appreciate any help that you can give me.

Thank you.


Anon, USA

Rose gold is such a beautiful and delicate colour, I personally love it. However it can be rather tricky to achieve because it is such a specific reflect. Changing from having platinum and ashy highlights to a warmer hue isn't often just a case of putting through a few strawberry blonde streaks.

The picture of Blake Lively is frequently a requested look in the salon and how I go about it is normally.. First assess the current hair colour, if it is too light and ash the tone may need to be removed. Then the colour must be warmed up with a glaze or global tint of gold or very light copper. Another option is adding few highlights to create movement and dimension. Then finally, a rose gold glazing toner over the top provides the shine and glow.

I would definitely not recommend attempting this at home as box dyes can cause all sorts of problems in the future (when you want to go back to highlights etc). Not to mention you could end up with yellow or orange hair. 

Hunt around for a confident colour specialist. Take along the picture and see if they understand the idea and are on your wavelength when it comes to the colour you are after.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London

Hi Anon USA,

As you say, your question has several parts so I'll answer them separately...

To acheive a rose blonde, you could opt for highlights with a gold toner that's mixed with iridescent colour. Something like L'Oreal's Luocolour P02 or P03 will create a nice strawberry blonde like the picture you sent in. Secondly, you should always get colour done at a salon whenever possible. You never know how a box colour will react with your hair and the colour is usually much less natural looking.

If you take a photo to your colourist they should be able to match it for you. And finally, if you add low-lights you may find that the colour becomes too dark for what you want, so I'd stick with highlights and a good toner.

Good luck! Alice

Alice Gazagnes, SWH Team Senior Stylist & Colourist,

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