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Can I get back to my natural colour?

I am a natural blonde and have been dying my hair for years, mainly a lighter blonde. Last November I had stretched roots added to a bright blonde and had this redone again in June, slightly longer - a few inches of a warm brown. I believe the colour was 6.3 in L’Oreal. Now when my roots grow through they show almost grey against the brown colour.
I want to dye my hair as close to my natural colour as possible - so a dark ash blonde and have the ends balayage. How can I do this? My boyfriend is a hairdresser and said that if we bleach the dark root it will be orange and warm, so we can't apply a cool natural blonde as it will go green. What options do I have?!
Eloise, Kent

Hi Eloise,

Your boyfriend is right; if you put a cool blonde over your hair now it will go green! You could consider using a toner, like L'Oreal Luocolour PO1 or PO2 instead. The PO2 will neutralise the golden tones of the balayage, but you will still need to have another balayage in the future to get your hair lighter. I'd recommend waiting a month or so to give your hair a rest from the processing though, to avoid damage.

Good luck!