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Avlon Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

This year marks 40 years in business for Avlon, one of the industry’s original innovators. Over the last four decades, the brand has been responsible for creating many of the most widely used professional haircare products, particularly within the textured and curly hair sector.

Built on the science of haircare, Avlon’s goal has always been to create high-performance products that use advanced technology to provide superior quality haircare at a fair price. This is supported by ongoing education for hairdressing professionals resulting in enhanced product knowledge, trend-led services and salon businesses that stand out from the crowd.

In 1984, founder and master chemist, Dr Syed, started Avlon from his own garage. Establishing a company was challenging as he travelled from state to state, all over the US, selling the products from the back of his car. In the early 90s, as the trend for relaxed hair grew, Avlon quickly became a popular brand for professional hairstylists around the world. A game-changing moment came when Avlon produced a bridge conditioner to add strength back into the hair while relaxing. Today, this regenerator can be found in all Avlon relaxers so that damage is eliminated. 

Avlon is responsible for many of the most widely used and efficacious professional hair care products on the market, including the well-known Affirm® Conditioning Relaxer System, FiberGuard® Conditioning Relaxer System, Texture Release, AffirmCare, KeraCare and Uberliss. This systems approach has been at the core of Avlon’s ascent over the last 40 years.

Dr Syed said: “You can’t just have one miracle product and expect it to do everything you need. You need a system, a range of products that all work together, adding in strength, reducing damage, adding proteins, retaining moisture, and building the hair strands after the process. These are the technologies that are propelling our company forward.” 

Beginning with one employee, today, Avlon has 45 patents focused on the care of curly hair. Avlon products are sold in 60 countries worldwide and is solely owned and operated by the Syed family, while also remaining 100% self-funded to stay independent and focused on research and development.

Graham Oakes, European General Manger at Avlon, said: “As we celebrate four decades of innovation and excellence, it is a great time to reflect on our journey as a company, driven by unwavering commitment to quality, passion for progress, and dedication to our customers. As a brand we are committed to raising the bar in product innovation and supporting salons and stylists to be the best they can be. We embrace the opportunities ahead as we continue to lead and shape the future of professional haircare.”