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Can Hair be Repaired from Alopecia

Hi Good Salon Guide,
Can my hair be repaired from alopecia?
Thanks, Pauline

Hi Pauline,

Thank you for contacting us!

When it comes to alopecia – its causes and effects - it varies from person to person. Some have bouts of hair loss throughout their lives, while others only have one episode. Recovery is unpredictable too, with hair regrowing fully in some people but not others.

There is no cure for alopecia, but most types of hair loss are treatable, and there are actions you can take to put a stop to baldness and even stimulate new hair growth.

There are many causes for hair loss, and as a result there are many treatments. Treatment depends on the reasons behind the hair loss, and different approaches can be taken to regain hair growth. Often, corrections to diet and ensuring you intake enough vitamins, minerals and protein can help to stimulate hair growth if the baldness is a result of poor diet or dietary deficiencies. If you are causing the hair loss with poor habits such as styling your hair too tightly, causing damage from chemical processing, and things of this nature, sometimes the solution is as easy as to correct the habits. If it is due to stress or trauma, then again, recovering from such episodes will also help the hair to recover too. While baldness occurs at the time, correcting the underlying issue can allow the follicles and scalp to recover and repair.

There are many other treatments and medications available, ranging from topical ointments, steroid creams for hair loss, and even surgical procedures. Products such as Nioxin are great at helping to strengthen both hair and scalp. Medications and stronger treatments are available, but these will need to be prescribed by your GP or a trained Trichologist. They will be able to physically assess your hair loss and prescribe a course of treatment best suited to you.

In most cases of alopecia, the hair does regrow, but there may be subsequent episodes of hair loss. And, as previously stated, it is always important to get to the root cause of the hair loss and make sure that is treated too along with using any topical products such as Nioxin or ones prescribed by a healthcare professional.

We hope this helps!