Can you recommend a good lightener I can use at home?

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Hello Hair Doctors,

Could you recommend a good lightener I can use on my roots at home?

My hair is platinum blonde and I normally get it done at a salon but can no longer afford it, so was wondering what I could use at home and is safe to use with Keratin.

I have a Sally’s Salon Services near me so I can get salon products, I'm just not sure which ones.

I really appreciate your help!

Anon, UK

My advice would be not to give up on professional hairdressing salons. Stylists who are working there have been trained in hair colours for years, and you want to make sure that after applying the right colour, you look and feel good.

I highly recommend you to go to a professional salon. Although I understand that services can be too expensive for you and you just simply are not able to spend this sort of money for a hair colour. Most of the best hairdressing salons run training sessions in the evening and during the day. For example we run training one day and one evening a week for assistants and Stylists, they need Models to train on, or maybe just want to dress hair-up on longer hair. The cost these models pay is usually around the same cost you would buy your own products for, the difference at a training day or evening at almost all good salons, your hair will look good and the colour will have been applied professionally and safely. In a training environment there is always a professional supervisor at hand who has years of hair colouring and cutting experience, so you should be in safe hands.

I do hope this will help you and you find a good salon near by, ask them about their training times, be happy and good luck with your first salon model experience.

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

So I can only recommend bleaching and lightening be done by a professional who knows how to lighten hair with maximum respect for the condition of the hair. But if you are determined to do it at home the product I use in the salon is Proclere BlueFrosting gel lightener. I mix it with a 6% 20vol developer and process it as according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Remember never to overlap your bleach onto the previously lightened hair and always tone afterwards with a good cool toner if you are going for that icy platinum. Most importantly use an intensive protein and moisture care regime that will put back some of the life the bleaching takes from the hair.

John Clark at Brooks+Brooks, London 

I would never recommend doing your hair at home – it can be very problematic and can often cause more problems than anything else. A colour technician has been specifically trained to use pre-lighteners and to tone blondes to create beautiful tones. By bleaching your hair at home you may cause more problems and damage you’re the condition of your.  Just Blonde services at HOB salons start from £52.50.

Faye Turner, HOB Salons’ Creative Colour Director  

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