Every time I curl my hair with tongs or curlers it drops out!

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I want curls in my hair but every time I try tonging it or use curlers it just drops out! I have used mousse, volumising shampoos etc but nothing works. Can you help me with what I might need to do?


Claire, Sunderland

Some peoples hair unfortunately will need lots of help in making it curl and keeping it there! If your hair is long heavy and poker straight then it really is down to products and the method in which it is curled that will decide on whether it will last. Try using strong volumising products when the hair is wet, drying them into the hair and then using a very strong hold hairspray on each section before you wind it around the curling tong.

I would also use smaller sections and consider using a smaller tong as this will give a tighter curl that should drop over time. If your hair is one length then maybe a few layers would be beneficial to remove some weight that pull down on curls. I don't recommend perming the hair to give curl as this won't give a stylish look, rather a more 80's shaggy image which I am sure you don't want.

John Clark, Head of Colour at Brooks+Brooks, London 

Depending on the texture and type of hair you will have different results when attempting any type of curl or movement. Without assessing your hair type it will be difficult to give you a perfect solution, however preparation is key.

I know you said you have tried using mousse but you will find not all products are suitable for every type of hair, so it might be that you just have not found the right formula yet. Product lines I tend to work with most are Joico, Sebastian and System Professional by Wella. I also love L’Oreal’s Sculpting Spritz for protection and setting.

The Diva Professional range offer electrical curling tools which are brilliant. You can try the gentler approach and use Joseph Koniak Sleepers, (www.josephkoniak.com) they have been designed to help style hair with minimal product and stress. There is also the option of a digital perm, depending on your hair’s condition, this you can have done at Eleven Hair W1 or Joseph Koniak NW3.

Joseph Koniak, Artistic Director of Joseph Koniak and Eleven Hair, London 

Hi Claire,

This can be a problem! If your hair is naturally soft in texture, not sure if yours is but I'm guessing so, then this problem can occur when your hair is too clean and slippery. Using product is key, this aides hold and provides heat protection.

If your hair is coloured it can lead to uneven porosity, which can then mean the mousse you are using to hold the curl is being absorbed by the hair unevenly. I would apply your curling product on dry hair; this gives much more strength and hold. I would opt for a thickening spray and not a mousse - Bumble and Bumble sell one that’s the best on the market. When applying the product make sure it’s even paying particular attention to the areas where the curl is normally placed on your hair, and then dry it in.

When tonging - after you take the tong out pin the curl up till it cools down, this can hold the bend better.

Try all of this on not super clean hair!

Nelson Brown of browns, Dumfries

Hi Claire,

May I suggest you find a good salon that can give your hair a soft volume permanent wave; this will not have to be a strong curly wave but a soft one so that when you set or curl your hair it will hold. Such permanent waves can last up to three months depending on the wear and tear and length of your hair.

If your hair is in good condition and there is no bleach on it then a soft perm should be fine. Just make sure the stylist uses large perm rods/rollers so that the perm is really soft. Do not use any small perm rods/rollers; these can make your hair frizzy which is definitely not what you want.

Alternatively, (you may not want to go down the chemical route) try to set your hair using medium or smaller setting rollers and a reasonably strong setting lotion, gel or mousse - use this product on the roots of your hair for extra hold and lift. Once set let the hair dry well, give it five minutes to cool off then brush out vigorously. If the curl is too strong keep brushing it until the hair falls smoother and the curls or waves are just what you want. If your hair is too curly that way, brush the hair out after it is still warm; this will take some of the stronger waves or curls out.

I do hope that these suggestions will help you, now I wish you a great hair day for Easter.

Happy Easter from all at the Pierre Alexandre Salon

Pierre Alexandre of Pierre Alexandre, Manchester

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