Colour Project with Alan Edwards

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The Fellowship’s Colour Project spent the day thinking outside the box with their colour techniques and topping up their inspiration tank with Alan Edwards recently at the L’Oréal Academy in London.

With 30 years of experience at the forefront of the industry, Alan Edwards was the perfect candidate to take the Colour Project team on an inspirational journey.

His mission? To get the team to look somewhere new and different for their inspiration and to create their own colour techniques as oppose to recreating what’s already out there. He set about teaching the team the skills that will take them from being a great hairdresser, to a great innovator.

Some hairdressers don’t realise that you can get inspiration from anything, says Alan, having this skill will really open up your eyes and enrich your creative work. Whether it’s seeing something unusual that gets you thinking, or whether it’s modernising and twisting an existing technique, thinking outside the box will set you apart from everyone else.

He went through a few of his own colour techniques, including a petrolesque technique, inspired by seeing petrol spilling out on the ground of a petrol station forecourt, before getting the team to head out into the local area to take photos of what inspired them; be it buildings, nature, street style or colour palettes. With their eyes opened to looking beyond magazines and social media, the team returned in the afternoon to transform their inspirations into techniques that they created on mannequin heads.

I’m honoured to have had the chance to work with the Colour Project team, says Alan, they’re all so passionate and receptive. It felt great to guide them through the creative process.

Team member Nicola Dow from Urban Hair and Beauty Highhouse says,

What a day! It was amazing from start to finish. I learnt so many fabulous techniques that I’ll be taking back to the salon. It was great to be back together with everyone – we are one brilliant team!

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