Essential Looks 02/2016 from Schwarzkopf Professional

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In today’s hyper-connected, ultra-fast world, fashion and lifestyle trends seem to be in constant flux, shifting and changing with every day that goes by.

This can be difficult for hairdressers and their clients to keep up, but Schwarzkopf Professional’s global stylists keep their fingers firmly on the pulse. Taking inspiration from international fashion runways, front row personalities and social media A-listers, Schwarzkopf Professional presents – the Essential Looks Flex Collection 02/2016 for Autumn/Winter: Genderless, Athleisure and Koolblonds. As International Creative Director, Simon Ellis says, “Trends today reflect how our society is evolving and the way we actually live.” He and his team have “Scanned the globe and distilled what’s happening into three key lifestyle and hair trends.”

The global style team have put together the Essential Looks for Autumn/Winter 2016 to provide hairdressers with all the inspiration and ideas they need to interpret this season’s hottest looks. The Genderless look pays tribute to the appearance of gender-neutral clothing and hairstyling on catwalks and front-rows across the world. Athleisure takes inspiration from the urban Sports Luxe trend seeping into our daily fashion choices. The Koolblond look steals the effortless cool of the Scandi ice-blondes and makes this coveted shade achievable with high impact and low risk of hair damage.

The trends...

The Genderless, androgynous look is taking the fashion world by storm. This season’s catwalks are full of unisex items: oversize jackets, wide trousers, baggy shirts and v-neck sweaters. Anyone can wear a skirt or rock a buzz cut. It’s a new kind of freedom and Schwarzkopf Professional loves it! Steve Hogan, Creative Direction for Essential Looks calls the Genderless look “Styling for the non-conformist” and the global style team have translated this into two totally edgy, totally cool looks ready for your interpretation. The cut is short and choppy, the styling smooth and sleek, slicked back, or strong and bold with modern texture.



Gym wear is no longer drab, grey and unflattering and it no longer belongs solely to the gym. Today’s gym wear is bright, bold and creative. The inspiration for the Athleisure look comes from the king of sports luxe, Alexander Wang, who mixes luxurious fabrics with bags of colour, bold patterns and retro styling. Young urban creatives (YUCCIES) everywhere are strutting their stuff in functional, casually expensive, urban threads. Steve Hogan knows that “Athleisure is a big trend this season, it represents the clash – where fashion meets fitness and gym wear becomes the new life wear.” The Athleisure style builds on last season’s Urban Sports trend, but takes on new colour and styling directions. The cut is short and choppy, or long and smooth, both completed with an on-trend full blunt fringe.



Pale blonde is an iconic look. Paired with bright red lips, the palest blonde tones remind us of Marilyn Monroe and the glamour of old Hollywood. Schwarzkopf Professional’s Koolblond look is inspired by the timeless elegance of pale blonde, but it has been given a modern twist! This season’s palest, iciest blondes take inspiration from the effortless elegance of Scandi style; pale blonde paired with flared trousers and statement dresses. The new Koolblond looks are angular, smooth and uncompromising, exuding supreme confidence! The colour is achieved with Schwarzkopf Professional’s groundbreaking new IGORA Royal Highlifts, which are reinforced with Bonding Technology for maximum lifting power with minimum hair breakage. Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison says, “The great thing about IGORA Royal Highlifts is how versatile they are. You can get really creative with a gorgeous natural-looking multi-tonal blonde effect giving light and shade on even the palest tones.”

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