Reconditioning Therapy For Over Worked Hair Extensions

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Rejuvenating Therapy for Hair Extensions is a revolutionary treatment for reconditioning extensions. A two-part ritual which delivers the care, conditioning and kudos today’s discerning clients demand.

Clients can be hard on their extensions with constant heat styling, sun exposure and styling among the chief sins. The key to a cost effective service is the luxury of reusing the hair for reapplication. Promoting a reusable extensions experience built around Rejuvenating Therapy is a highly persuasive package and one that’s bound to be ultra-popular.

Salons can purchase the complete Rejuvenating Hair Extensions Treatment Set which includes Step 1, Step 2 and a treatment bowl. Step 2’s Rejuvenating Hair Serum is also sold separately so they can be given to the client to take home as part of the service.

Step 1: Rejuvenating Therapy (salon treatment)

  • Prolongs the life of extensions after wearing
  • Regenerates the compromised hair with active ingredients to restore and revitalize, leaving it strong, healthy and shiny with that ‘brand new’ bounce

The treatment is applied once extensions have been removed from the client’s hair. Rejuvenating Hair Therapy is mixed 1:1 with hot water in the treatment bowl provided and then the extensions are added and left to absorb the solution. After 20-25 minutes, they’re rinsed thoroughly. Depending on the amount of extensions involved, one bottle equals five treatments.

Step 2: Rejuvenating Hair Serum (salon and home treatment)

Rejuvenating Hair Serum is the take-home daily treatment that protects extensions and natural hair against lifestyle induced damage. Applied to mid-lengths and ends of dry hair, the leave-in formula repairs, detangles, seals cuticles and provides softness and shine.

Top Tips…
  • Use the measurements on the mixing bowl to get the correct mix of 50ml rejuvenating therapy and 50ml of hot water
  • Brush the hair before putting it into the fluid in the mixing bowl
  • Use a hair band on pre-bonded and single ring extensions to keep them together
  • Rinse thoroughly after 25mins in warm water
  • Blow-dry hair before going to step 2
  • Use only a pea sized amount of the Rejuvenation Hair Serum and work through your palms then work through mid-lengths and ends

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