Embrace your Natural Curls without Heat

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Not everyone is blessed with either beautiful curls or super sleek locks, but giving your hair a break from heat styling and embracing your natural kinks and curls can do overall wonders for the health of your hair. And at the end of the day, healthy, strong hair is what really matters.

Here are several ways to help you rock what nature gave you:

Treat it well

Using a good conditioning treatment once a week is key for any hair type, but even more important for naturally curly/wavy hair, as this type of hair often craves more moisture and can dry out easily. Treatment Masque by OUAI is perfect for rehabilitating stressed out, damaged tresses.   

Comb it

Instead of a hairbrush, use a wide-toothed comb whilst you condition in the shower. No more combing should be required after this, so once pat-dried with a towel, leave your hair alone.

Go gentle with the towel

Vigorously towel drying your hair will only push the cuticles upwards causing frizz and breakage. Instead, gently press your hair dry in the towel, removing as much moisture as possible.

Light crème only

Oils and serums are fab to smooth fly-aways, but for boosting your natural waves, try a defining curl crème instead. A good curl crème will give you movement with no added weight. Try OUAI Haircare’s Finishing Creme.

Diffuse those curls

If you’re hair is very curly, use a diffuser with your next blow-dry. A diffuser will give your curls shape and help to set them in place. Simply turn your hairdryer on to its lowest setting and then drop your curls gently into the diffuser. Push your hair around as you do this to add definition.

Texture and hold

Use a good light hold hairspray or texture spray to keep your curls in check, but not compromising on movement. Only a light spray of this type of product will be needed for maximum effect. OUAI Haircare’s Wave Spray smells absolutely divine and leaves waves soft and silky with no stiffness or ‘crunch’.

OUAI Haircare is available at Space NK and Cult Beauty

Images by Paul Edmonds and Errol Douglas

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