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As a new mum or a mum who has been struggling to find her old self, many can find the huge life change isolating. But as a mum, feeling good and giving time back to yourself can go a long way.

ghd UK ambassador, Zoë Irwin suggests her quick-fix hair hacks that will stand up to the soft-play action, but also make you feel just a little bit more like you!

Look one: Undone Bun

Tie your hair up into a ponytail and then pull a few pieces out around the hairline. Smooth these pieces out using the ghd platinum+ styler (£175). Split the pony in two and put a curl in each side using either your ghd platinum+ styler (£175) or ghd curve soft curl tong (£120). Take both ends, twist in to each other and wrap around the ponytail base. Finally, pin with criss-cross pins for security.

Look two: Half-up, Half-down

Pull back a diamond-shaped section of hair at the crown and tease it at the root using the ghd narrow dressing brush (£7.50). Smooth out the surface using the ghd oval dressing brush (£20) and lift the crown with your hands. Now take a piece from the front either side, tie them in a knot and pin down – this intricate knot will really elevate this simple look.

Look three: Velvet Pony

This is a super simple classic look – tie hair into a pony and then twist the ends around the ghd soft curl tong (£120) in two sections for a loose wave. Then, tie a very fine velvet ribbon around your pony tail and brush through the ends for a super luxe everyday pony.

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