Tips to Make Your Colour Last Longer

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It seems as though there are few things that make women happier than having their hair done.

Whether it is a complete hair colour transformation by trying out the latest season's hair trends, giving your natural hair colour a boost, or disguising those pesky white hairs (or natural blonde as one client calls them); caring for your salon finished colour should be a priority.

The team at Samuel Chapman Salon want your hair to look fantastic all of the time, so they have put together a helpful guide for you to follow to maintain your gorgeous hair colour.

Shampoo and Conditioner 

Many shampoo and conditioners on the market contain nasty products that can affect your hair colour and make it fade faster than it should. There is one very well known haircare brand which I have been told that people use to clean their ovens with! 

Our focus is to fight the fade and extend the life of your hair colour, this is why our shampoo and conditioners are sulphate free, paraben free and most products are suitable for vegans!

For darker shades where your hair is in good condition we recommend Davines Minu Shampoo and Conditioner. Its formula, characterized by a rich and full-bodied foam, is designed to gently cleanse coloured hair, protecting the colour and keeping hair shiny for a longer period of time.

For clients with blonde hair there is an extra struggle to get through, as hair that has been bleached can become porous which can lead to extra colour fade. To help combat this we would recommend using Davines NouNou Shampoo and Conditioner, which is Ideal for bleached hair, highlights, perms and relaxed hair. Its formula is designed to gently cleanse treated hair, giving it body and nourishment. Every third wash use one of Davines Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioners. This range has put together delicate shampoo and conditioners with different tones included in them, so whether you are looking to keep your colour ice blonde, golden blonde, warm brown, copper or red, there is a coloured shampoo to suit you and give your hair colour extra life for longer.

Use heat with care 

We understand that most people use hairdryers, straighteners and curling wands on their hair, as that's how we can make your hair look beautifully glossy! But the majority of people we speak to forget to use any heat protection prior to using any heat styling tools. 

Have you ever held a dryer against your skin for a prolonged period? They get very hot and that is what you are putting all over your hair. 

Excessive heat styling is one of the major causes of hair colour fade, damaging the outer layer of your hair which can make it weak and lifeless.

We recommend Davines Melu heat protector, which is Ideal for protecting all types of hair from stress caused by straighteners or blow-dryers.

Go dry and get any extra day

It is well known that even though you are using the best products on your hair, when they are over used they can cause your hair to lose its vibrancy over time. If you feel the need to wash your hair very often, then dry shampoo could come to your rescue. We recommend Davines Hair Refresher. Its specific formulation is conceived to refresh and clean all hair types without using water. Hair is scented and soft like just-washed, thanks to the starch that absorbs the excess of sebum. 

Avoid chlorine

If you are a regular swimmer you will have come in to contact with chlorine. Chlorine is the chemical found in most swimming pools to keep them clean, which is also stripping your hair colour.

If your hair has had a lot of bleach through it to make it super blonde, depending on the amount of chlorine your pool likes to add in to it, there is a chance that it could end up with a green tone. If your hair is a darker shade it can dry out and lose the lovely shine you started with. 

Before you get in to a chlorinated pool, rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water. Any porous hair you have will absorb this up and prevent any chlorinated water from penetrating too deep in to your hair creating a barrier. We would then recommend putting your hair up in to a topknot to prevent as little of it entering the water as possible, and you can even wear the ever glamorous swimming cap for ultra protection.


If you are looking to transform your hair colour or are looking for a fresh eye to maintain your existing colour, book your consultation with a member of our team now

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